Sunday, September 21, 2014

DH went to an auction...

Somebody made some money, haha. The heart necklace is actually sterling, he bought it with the pin, supposedly sterling too. I am not going to tell him, he was so happy to find something for me. He knew the costume rings were costume, he didn't remember that they make my fingers green and itchy. I'm not telling him that either. The 14K ring is too big, but it's the thought that counts, right? He did really well on the mirror - he knows that I collect that stuff. They sold it as silver plate - it is sterling with a familiar hallmark, I will have to look it up, I just don't remember off hand, and my books are packed from when we were going to move. The mirror is monogrammed, as they usually are a gift for someone special. It will be a nightmare to clean, someone has Bon Ami or something hard dried on it. It will look nice once I clean it up.

All in all, I'd say he did good, and thank heavens he didn't buy any furniture. I hope you had a good day too!


  1. oh, my. i know you had tried to get away from some of that jewelry and metal stuff! ah, well. it is a sweet thought.

  2. Aww yes it is the thought that counts. John and I used to go to auctions but hardly ever bought anything. Can't say the same for thrift stores. We've found some nice almost new things there.

  3. Sometimes one can find some interesting bits at auctions. How lovely that you were thought of:-)

  4. BINGO! What a nice surprise for you, Sharon! I'd cash those in so fast it wouldn't be funny!! lol


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