Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Whoopie Moon

Excuses, excuses, what can I say? I tell everyone about the big event and then get so caught up in my WIP that I completely forget it. Well, I did come to my senses a little too late. I did run (not actual 'run') outside with my nice room temperature camera to the unusual cool of a Harvest Moon evening. You know what happened right away. Hmm, not a good idea to breathe too hard toward the lens either. I forgot to have DH hold the cat. As much as I was screaming at him to take her away... nothing. Monday night wrestling was on. NOW - the truth be told, I am not a great photographer, and I do shake too much, and then...
...there is that cat.


  1. Even after you reminded me I forgot so at least I get to see your picture.

  2. Unfortunately it was too cloudy to see here...You usually get great moon shots. Comedy of errors and you got the shot anyway!


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