Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekend ends

The rain "they" predicted for the weekend - didn't materialize.

DH worked a week - he wasn't ready - I hate to tell him so, nah, I told him so. Not sure when the next job will turn up, I suggested he hit the gym and get shaped up after sitting in his big recliner for well over three months...

The lawn care guy came to mow the yard - with the cooler nights, I didn't think it needed it - but - I let him have a go at it. Will maybe be one more time for the season.

I can hardly believe it's coming up on the end of September - where is the time going?


  1. well, glad it sounds like dh may have a few days off before work rears its head again. sounds like he needs it. :)

  2. I don't think "they" have any idea. I'm sure they just aim darts at ballons and tell us what the paper that is inside them says. Like fortune cookies!
    Yup the year is charging along. I can't believe it. Only a month till my daughters wedding. Where did all that time go

  3. I hope your DH gets in shape for the next job. I have had the same problem with mine, overdoing it.


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