Monday, September 8, 2014

Skyless cloud

I thought that since some of you share pictures of your cloudless sky that I would share too.

Remember tonight is the last of the Super Moons for a little while and it's a Harvest Moon to boot!

I wonder if I'll get to see it???


  1. Thanks for reminding us. I'll try to see it.

  2. It was a wild and windy night here last night so no I didn't see the moon. Our spring supermoon. Not looking much like spring at the moment though

  3. I saw it and I have pictures of it too. Well, that was from last night, but it sure was big. I will go and look tonight as well.

  4. Another non sighter here - live about an hour away from Angela. Wet windy not the night to go moon gazing - did 'you' see her?

  5. Nice shot S. Qualls :) I haven't been keeping up with the unique moons...saw one with a rainbow around it the other night...cloudy with lots of moisture in the air...I was walking Baron in the backyard...didn't bother to take photo.


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