Thursday, May 28, 2015

Spendy addiction

For several weeks, I have been catching glimpses of this pretty, tan bird. You know how wonderful my eye sight is - I have to use my camera to see what I'm looking at. This morning, it decided to pay me a real visit. I think it's a flicker. I was wrong! Thank you T. for the correct ID! Brown Thrasher it is!

 Last night, it was getting dark and raining. I noticed a little lump in the shelf of the abandoned 'house' bird feeder. I turned on the camera to zoom in to see what the lump was. I was unable to get the camera to stay in focus for a shot. My lump was a light green parakeet! Somebody must have left the window open. It was not what I had expected. I'm going to watch for it today, maybe it's some kind of trained.

The red-bellied woodpecker came by again this morning for a snack. I am getting a regular 'family' here. We really need to find a wholesale bird seed merchant! DH already grumbling about the high cost of my 'habit'. I could tell him it's cheaper than pot! Hah!


  1. i think you've got a brown thrasher! they are 'cousins' to the mockingbirds.

    yes, bird seed and scratch feed adds up quickly!

    1. Thank you for the correct ID! Yep, look at those eyes ...

  2. Some 'habits' are worth every cent.
    Our Hummingbird has finally showed up. We moved the feeder to another location however, but he/she doesn't seem to mind.

  3. Remember when you couldn't get any birds interested in your feeder? I agree bird seed is cheaper then pot or hanging out at the beer joint. I can of dole mine out but the hummingbirds are eating sugar water like crazy.

  4. Oh my!! Poor little parakeet! I once had a parakeet and that was always a fear of mine, because we would let Pete out to fly in the house once in a while. I sure did love that bird, though he had a short life. At six months I went to his cage to give him a kiss (crazy, eh?) and this time he looked a little loopy. I was always so careful to cover him and keep him from drafts, but somehow Pete got sick. I wrapped him in a shirt and rushed him to the animal hospital, sobbing my eyes out. My two young boys were with me. Pete had to be euthanized that day and I still have a picture of my oldest boy kneeling at his grave after we buried him and had his funeral. Sorry I went off on a tangent... but this brought back memories.
    Gary has been busy keeping our feeders filled and we are getting some beauties around here. His hummingbird feeder didn't work out so well this year, it leaked some and he is thinking it might be too late for them.
    It sounds like you are enjoying your spring. Keep feeding those birdies!


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