Monday, June 1, 2015

Not My Birthday!

Today is a special day for many I know. If I have forgotten any, blame it on my age. Not leaving links either, they may be trying to hide the fact. Happy Birthday to my son J! Best Wishes to my dear friend (of 60 years) Marrilee. Tell me girl, how does it feel? I'll be joining you soon enough! Bless you on your special day, Dottie! Double wishes to Janet and John, my favorite twins. Last but not least is little Meg, sweetest of all the little birthday girls!
The Red-Bellied Woodpecker has become a daily visitor.

This little guy will not stay still...

He visits frequently, but hard to shoot, I believe him to be a Downy Woodpecker. Right T? 
Normally I only see the robins walking the yard, pulling up worms and the like. This one sat in the old fig branches for about half an hour, swiveling his head as if listening for something or someone. I'm wonder if something happened to its mate.
I never thought I would be a "Birder", but here I am, excited each time I see a new bird to shoot. There is no such thing as a common bird. They all are special in their own right with complex personalities just like us. Have a very lovely week, my friends!


  1. happy birthday to all your special people. :)

    yes, a downy male (because of the red spot on the back of his neck). :)

  2. Wishing your group of Birthday Friends a Happy Day!

  3. Birthday wishes all around!!
    Yes, you have become a birder, Sharon! Fun eh?

  4. Happy birthday to all! Great bird shots, Sharon! I love the woodpecker!!


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