Friday, July 24, 2015

Frigidaire Friday

You know, Wednesday's post was not meant to deceive. I wrote it, posted it and moved on. Later that day I saw it on my facebook and read the name. I don't usually think about the Now You See Me part, I was just saying the Juvenal Robin was Drinking in the morning. Thus the post on fb:
Now You See Me: Drinking in the morning ...
Take my word for it  - I don't, I can't, sometimes wish I could.

Moving on, whilst I slept, on Tuesday morning, DH decided that burned cake with a runny center was not to his liking. So he whipped out his mighty sword debit card and bought a new stove. The refrigerator motor was going bad (has been for quite some time) and emitting a loud screeching at any hour. He picked out one of those too.

Today, the kitchen toys arrived. I'm still trying to figure out why 2 people need a fridge that makes one claustrophobic, and hogs the kitchen. He tells me I won't be able to put anything on top of this one, hah, I couldn't on the one before. He finally is getting it to make ice, and now that it does, Jill is afraid to go in there. When it dumps ice [every half hour or so] it scares the crap out of her.

Why white you ask? Well, I know it's clean when I clean white. SS takes forever to get completely streak free [IMHO] and there is no way a black or colored appliance is coming into my kitchen to be outdated in two years. White enamel is classic. I wish the microwave was white.

Glass or whatever cook top.
Have a great weekend Y'all!


  1. congrats on the new appliances! we have a white fridge and a black dishwasher and oven. i don't care as long as they work. yes, our icemaker makes major sounds, too. freaky thing.

  2. DH says he will adjust the doors tomorrow. He's not thrilled that I noticed a problem, but if anyone will - it's me.

  3. Ohhhhh very nice. Yup I like white. It's classic and never goes out of style. Congrats

  4. Wow how nice! Would you believe I still have a Harvest Gold cook stove and dryer? They are Sears and they just keep on going. It took me forever to get everything to match and now I'm back to unmatched again. lol

    1. Yes, I believe - one of the reasons I insisted on white. Been there done that, in a different lifetime.


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