Monday, September 14, 2015

An early morning

Picture I promised before, as you can see over half is on the ground.

Chilly this a.m. the pond is warmer than the air. Brr!

Tacky heard me outside and came a-running!
My Mourning Doves are back and a few sparrows. The crows are here this morning eating the wal-mart cheap feed - mostly cracked corn. The doves and sparrows don't touch ...
Have a great whatever Y'all!


  1. Great picture of the pond. And is that you cat, so pretty!

    1. It's one cool/warm pond - draws the cows and the deer and once, I think there was a great blue heron - it was huge. (What it was doing here, I have no clue - lost?) Yep, Tacky is my cat, loves to be petted, rubs all over you and purrs to beat the band. Not a good idea to pick her up though, she doesn't care for that, that's why we call her "Tacky". DH calls her "Attacky"

  2. Tacky looks healthy. I miss my Susie, she was like that, didn't want to be picked up.

    1. Aw... I think I remember you talking about Susie.
      Tacky is healthy, if a shade overweight. Has her winter coat already, her fur 'collar' will come soon.

  3. Hi S.J. and thanks so much for your comment on my photos. I have tried taking the pics outside and it isn't much better sadly but I will try again on the side of the trailer where the light is less bright. Yes it is cold here too (41 as I speak going to 70 for the high) and I noticed also that Walmarts cheap bird feed has gone to almost all cracked corn??? Seems that all the retail outlets are trying to get by with less quality these days, sadly. I have a black cat that looks very much like your little fella and I call him ChiChi! He is a lovely little cuddly guy that I rescued a few years ago. I should do some posts of my gang! Thanks so much for dropping by and always being kind enough to take the time to comment, it means a lot to me! Have a great day and take care!
    Tina xo


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