Saturday, September 12, 2015

Bye - Bye Birdies

Has been a while, sorry. Feeling kind of blah and sneezing like crazy. The pollen count has been high lately.

I don't seem to have any more birds ...

I don't know if it was time for them to give up the neighborhood or if the new bag of seed we got from Wal Mart is the reason. Maybe the little guys knew their housing was going to be trashed by a storm. I don't know. I see crows. Even my Cardinals who live here year round (until now) have bid me a Hasta-la-bye-bye

A day or so after the new bird seed, we had a storm. It was very windy, and everything was going sideways.


  1. Sorry folks, Blogger is having one of its ornery days. I had another picture and more comments on the fact that the birds have flown the coop. Oh well, win some lose some. I'll add the other picture later on. Blogger won't let me add a thing, not even a "Have a nice weekend!"

  2. sorry about the stormy weather! my birds have slowed down a bit here, too. i think it's just the time of year. the whistling ducks are starting to arrive in small flocks, gathering to head further south again.

  3. I'm betting they knew about the storms. They are good like that. Glad your back xx

  4. That looks like quite a storm. I think with the changing weather the birds are planning their escape, because we're not seeing so many either.

  5. Many of the small birds are gone here too. The ravens are ever present and I saw a gorgeous bird the other day. Some sort of small falcon or something similar. And this morning, I heard twitter coming from a Rabbit brush bush, I went over to look, the twitter got frantic and then stopped, so I left. I didn't want to disturb them.

  6. Hope your birds come back when the weather calms down.


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