Saturday, January 2, 2016

Birds, Vet, Apology ...

Fluffed up to stay warm
DH took Jack to the vet again, early this morning. Might have a tear in something in his shoulder. He seems to have hurt himself jumping off the big chair. He is on pain medicine and antibiotics. Vet said he had a fever besides being in pain. My poor Puppy-Guy.

I have a problem - I seem to have forgotten my password ... I would like to join the new folks on the blog, but - it (that diabolical it that wants to know exactly who I am) will not take my known passwords. When Blogger forgets who I am - I am really going to be up a pole! I would really like to figure this out, but my guru isn't acquainted with blogger and its eccentricities. So ... here I sit. I am so afraid I will get locked out altogether. I've been able to add Blogger folks to my list, even though I can't "Join" in order to keep track of you. Google+ says "Nope." If I can ever figure it out - y'all will be the first to know!

DH drove the old Dodge out to Arkansas for a family reunion to show it off. He sure is proud of it. The drive did take him longer than it usually does, but he is extra careful with it. I will not rest easy until it is safely back in the garage.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. poor baby jack!! hope he will heal soon. the fever would have me worried, too. as for blogger, i've had instances in the past where it won't let me 'join' a follower block for a while - like some glitch is there. but it clears after a few weeks. not sure if that's what's happening for you or not. as for google+, i try to stay out of that arena as much as possible, even if i have a profile set up. :)

  2. p.s. loved the fluffed up cardinal!

  3. I hope the pup improves, animals down always makes me worry... I can't help with the Blogger problem, so far, I haven't had any problems (fingers crossed). I love the photos, I have always wanted to see a Cardinal live, but for now, I guess I will have to be happy with photos... :)

  4. What pretty birds. Having seen many in resent days...Coffee is on

  5. Hope Jack feels better soon. The Cardinal is outstanding.

  6. Poor little fur baby. Hope he gets better soon. I'm sure you will remember the password. Don't let it stress you. Isn't there an option that says forgot password and then they send you a new one. Give that a go xx


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