Monday, February 22, 2016

For the birds

Since the Cardinal ladies have shown up, I have noticed the mocking birds are getting lovey. The bluebirds are doing some 'sparking,' also. I should have realized the cowbirds would not be far behind. I'm not sure whose nests the cowbirds will use, but spring is in the air and all this lovey-dovey stuff makes one wonder how the cowbirds decide who is going to raise their children.
Cowbird Conference ...


  1. our blues are singing alot here. :)

  2. You have wrong fever in your part of the world and I'm busy nesting and getting ready for the cold months ahead. I don't mind. I don't do well in the heat. I'm much better with the cold. With cosy fires, and hot chocolate

  3. I do love springtime in the bird world.

  4. I've been uping the sunflower seeds since I'm seeing so many Cardinals in my yard.

  5. How lovely SJQ that you actually have birds on your feeder rather than squirrels :)

    1. Seldom see squirrels here, if I do - it's an event!

  6. The cowbirds watch for which 'couple' is the most lovey-dovey, of course! Heh.


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