Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Self Explanatory
Jack & Jill and "Guests"


  1. I see a skunk....yowsers...kitty is to cute...J & J have such good manners...must be the parents doing!

  2. They all look so happy! Except the little skunk looks a bit nervous.

  3. So, you are KEEPING the kitty!!?? It is SO cute! I know, then why don't I take it!
    The skunk.....when I was a kid and the family was in PEI for summer vacation, I told my Dad I wanted a skunk as a pet. OK. We were told that it had been 'de-skunked' and off we went back home to Halifax in a very quiet (most of the time) neighbourhood. Took the skunk out of the box and into a cage. Within 5 minutes the whole neighbourhood had this SMELL permeating through it!
    Off to the outskirts of the city to release it.
    What will you do with this little guy?

  4. Do you have a new kitty? It's adorable. :)


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