Tuesday, August 28, 2012


DH had his second trip to the doctor in as many days. Somewhere along the line he picked up poison oak. (Remember, we both have bad eyes) He thought he had been bitten by ants when he worked in the yard on Sunday. He felt like he had things crawling around on himself and was brushing himself all over. I looked carefully, I couldn't see anything. Maybe he had flea bites? Perhaps he had gotten into a big nest of chiggers…
Yesterday he looked like he had a bad case of mini-hives. I looked carefully and asked if he had been in poison oak. He said no, he had just been out in the yard. His eye was starting to swell shut, his nose was increasing in size and everywhere he had big red blotches.
He went to the doctor; they gave him a shot and anti-itch pills. He was in agony it was making him really miserable. I don't think he slept much last night.
This morning his eye was a little better but other spots were flaring up. He scratched some of them (!) and the blisters on his hands were dripping all over. He was to the point that he couldn't bend his fingers; I needed to drive him to the doctor. She gave him Rx for anti-biotic for the beginning of impetigo and a prednisone pack. At the drugstore he bought some more anti-itch lotion for $10 (for crying out loud – kick 'em when they're down, I tell ya!).
I read up online for home remedies and the only one I would trust would be the Fels-Naptha that I haven't been able to find.
I hope this new stuff does the trick, he is plum miserable.


  1. That's got to feel terrible. I hope he starts to heal up soon.

  2. i've had bad bouts of poison ivy before, with weeping wounds, etc. nasty stuff. i hope DH can feel better soon!

  3. hi there you...wow do I sympathize with your husband or what! though I've never had poison oak or ivy this bad! he really must have had the juice from the leaves on his hands to spread it around OR he's hyperallergic!! OR both! I haven't seen fels naptha in the store in years! hope you can find it...I know he's in torture and any relief would be appreciated! the worst I ever did was sit in some when I was a kid...I had a horrendous case of it on the back of one thigh...it itched and oozed and was totally disagreeable! the only thing I remember using on it was calamine lotion...can't remember if my Mom used anything else...I'm thinking she did...but what????

  4. Oh gosh sharon, I'm so sorry about your poor hubs...I hope he gets to feeling better real soon. I know all to well about the kick'em when they're down, with all the meds I have taken in the last week, I could have bought a sofa!!! LOL! Thank you sweets for all your wonderful comments over the last few weeks, your words have made me feel better and your friendship means the world to me. Have a nice evening! Hugs Jennifer

  5. Poor DH! Sounds really bad, Sharon! Hope this stuff kicks in real soon and probably has by now!
    And I thought my 'cold' was bad!!!
    Give him our best.
    I couldn't comment on your posts the last couple of days. Better now.....

  6. as a fellow sufferer, I send my sympathy


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