Friday, August 10, 2012

Daddy's Vacation

Heading out for parts unknown!

DH has gone on vacation and now I am on vacation too! He did do up the dishes before he left and filled all the feeders before he left. The fridge is stocked, and I have a new supply of books. So I'm all set!

BTW, his last trip to Stone Mountain - he was only gone a day and a half. Bless his heart - he missed me! I have let my worries go about him getting hurt, it is just not in my hands.


  1. Well, I hope he has a good time and stays safe. You enjoy your freedom too, but don't get too wild!

  2. i hope he can relax and have a good time - you, too. :)

  3. That is a great picture! I hope you bath have a good time on your separate vacations!
    Me and my Hubby live apart half the year or better and have for years but I still worry about him.I think it is just in our nature as women,lol!

  4. Vroom Vroom! THAT is a bike! Now for some peace and quiet!
    I have been so 'involved' here I see I have some catching up to do! Weekend reading for me....rain for next two days!

  5. Great shot of the Hubby. I do know the worry about him being out on the bike. Both my brother and sister along with their spouses have Harleys and take long trips/vacations on the bikes. I am always happy when they get home again.


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