Friday, August 31, 2012

I got nothin'

Been busy on WIP, sorry. Poison oak still rages. Jack is acting better, vet said last year he had heart murmur maybe causing problems?

Isaac screwed with my view of blue moon. Ack! Next 4 days probable rain. Lovely... just lovely.


  1. Glad Jack is feeling better. I once had a horrible week with poison ivy so I'm hoping the oak goes away soon...

  2. glad jack's a bit better. sorry about DH, though!

  3. Sounds like a trying week. Hope everyone recovers and makes it through the rain.

  4. That darn poison oak! I got into poison ivy once and nearly itched off my skin...I hope jack is feeling better, I didn't know he was feeling badly :o( poor sweetie. Yep, we are expecting rain tonight into monday to...yuck! Well, have a nice weekend anyway..I know you have your hands full. by the way, it is hypothyroid that I have, I start meds tomorrow...not looking forward to this at all...Hugs Jennifer :o)

  5. I'm not avoiding those photos of you and DH!! You look great Sharon! Check out that dress!!


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