Saturday, January 25, 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy

Sad Looking Roses... and Colt.
So! DH is on furlough because of the frigid temperatures. Naturally, as soon as the weekend hits, it warmed up a bit. Monday we well be back in the freezer, and he will continue on his furlough all week. That's all we know so far.

The little colt, my father made, is back home. Seems he lost his way about a year and a half, but he finally made it!

Roses, yah, they look pretty sad. Sigh, I have to make a new cover for "Bad Things", I will probably use the petals to make a new cover. I had trouble with the cover previously, but I thought I had it straightened out. I guess someone who owns an Apple notified Smashwords that it is upside down, they didn't purchase it, they just let them know. 

I went for my follow-up visit at the clinic, and it would seem that the new doctor I was sent to, had no idea why I was there. I love it! You would think some information would have passed along with my name, huh? Had blood work done, no biggy. Then we took care of car insurance and came home for a nap. That cold weather makes me so tired... that plus getting up at the crack of dawn to drive to the new office.

We went down to the health food store for what DH refers to as my "Funky Food". Spent a bit too much, but - oh, well.

Friday, I braved the cold again, to see the dentist. I am still not wearing my teeth. I have knots on my gums that he suggested I have the oral surgeon scrape off. The knots hurt. No thanks, buddy, maybe later. I am going to give them time to go down on their own. He said to put a cushion in the plate and wear the plate. I guess he doesn't understand that the knots hurt without the teeth even.

I planned on going shopping today, but a nap sounded so good and DH volunteered to go to the grocery store. I wasn't going to argue. He bought me some more "Funky Food", such as avocado, bananas, tomatoes, spinach, and cantaloupe, for my bullet.

That's about it in a nutshell. I hope you all are having good times too... ha ha ha. Stay warm or cool as you desire!


  1. well, glad DH is looking out for you. stay safe in the cold weather!

  2. What a time you're having with those teeth. I hope he can get some work soon. I have to admit, I've enjoyed having a bit of nicer weather on the weekends, but I'm tired of "cold" days we have to make up at the end of the school year.

  3. I like naps and funky food too.

  4. I really hope your gums settle down soon, you have had such a hard time with them xxx

  5. Ugh -- dental woes. Hope yours turn around for the better Sharon. xo

  6. Busy busy right! Good that you are up and around....helps in staying warm.
    Having fun with the Bullet I see! Enjoy!

  7. A nap sounds good on a cold afternoon...ready for winter to be done!


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