Monday, January 6, 2014

Letter From Home - It's Cold!

Dear Folks,

Nearly a week of January has been polished off! Some of us are in the deep freeze and some wishing for a breeze of our freezing temps for just a few hours.

Our hot water line was frozen today, it has now been thawed and hopefully there are no leaks. Seems the line to the heater was directly in front of the vent where the workmen shoved out the drain hose for the water cleaner and the vent could no longer be shut. He has stuffed it with insulation and spent time under the house, burning out the blow dryer motor to get flow again. No clothes were laundered, BTW. Perhaps tomorrow.

Jack only spent the one night at the vet, he came home with us the next day, blurry eyed and slightly unsteady after having an abscessed tooth removed. He is fine now and eating as if he is trying to gain all of his weight back in a week. Their new heart worm medicine is for fleas too... I am a little more than slightly concerned about giving them all those chemicals, but the battle with the fleas and their bites is a losing one here. The budget took a big hit... over $600 for their annual shots, 6 months of heart worm meds, and one tooth extraction. Jeez!

For now - I am done looking at houses. I can't see catching my death in this weather for him to get me excited about a house, only to have him change his mind the next day. Not enough Xanax in this hemisphere... I do so hate "window shopping" on this scale.

As I write this, it is 5F. Temps tonight will go below zero on anyone's thermometer. We can't keep the cat's water liquid. I tried to bring Tacky in last night to sleep in the dog carrier - she almost went berserk. I had my fingers through the front, to give her reassurance and she bleep near broke my finger. Finally around 3:00 a.m., I couldn't take it anymore and let her have her way - out the door. She still has ears, so I can only hope she finds a spot tonight and doesn't lose them. It should begin to warm up in the morning and be decent by Wednesday or Thursday, but with rain. Winter here is like that, warmer and wet, or colder and clear. Choices, choices!

He hasn't been called back to work yet, because of the temperatures. Makes for an extra long Christmas break. The kids (other people's) won't go back to school until Wednesday. I hear that even the kids in MN had the day off - that has to be the first time. I must say, it's about time! They had windchill temperatures, something like -60F! Now, that is cold. I remember standing out on the road waiting for the bus, many years ago when girls wore skirts. We could wear pants under them, but they had to come off as soon as we arrived. The school wasn't all that warm either...

The other day, my gums decided to shrink and my teeth fell down - I still have a sore, so going without the plate until it heals. I have had enough pain for a while.

I do hope you are all staying warm or cool! Stay safe!

Toothless in TN.



  1. It's cold here too for south Texas. Not having many sunny days like usual. My cat Susie would go beserk too if I tried to put her in a carrier or any kind of confinement. Stay warm.

  2. i had those plaid uniforms where we could wear pants underneath in wisconsin winter - but only until we got to school. *sigh* i sure hope your teeth settle down soon. poor jack, too. and tacky! yikes!

  3. I am glad Jack is all right and eating well. Try putting some sugar in the water for the cat as it should rise the freezing temp of the water and adding a few extra calories to the cat, which she'll need in this horrid weather.
    Stay warm!

  4. Geez, your new year has started out much like ours Sharon -- frozen pipes and all (I'm waiting for ours to thaw by some miracle.) We give the dogs Frontline Plus and Heartgard every month and yes, it's expensive! But gotta take care of the kids.

    Hope your day is a good one -- xo

  5. Good to hear Jack is doing OK, but that was expensive. It always is, it seems. I feel for you with your teeth problems. At least they are gone now, I still worry about when the next one will go and how much that will cost. Take care in the cold and stay warm.

  6. WOW! Can't believe that 'Polar Vortex' has reached you that far south, Sharon! Everyone's freezing! Crazy.
    Good to hear Jack is recovering. Now you are next! I guess/hope that it's a waiting game for you. Funny that 'they' fit your plates to swollen gums.....and when the gums wonder they popped out! I am sure 'they' can fix that. Hope so.
    House hunting off for now,eh? Spring will be better and more manageable. Wrap up now and stay warm.

  7. You are having a bad time of it with teeth all around. Maybe out a box outside for your kitty to sleep in. I have a small dong house full of old blankets for mine. We have had cool weather here in the southeast of Australia but hot weather is coming I'm told. Stay warm and I hope your pain is gone very soon xxx

  8. I was worried about my animals, too, it's not as cold here (at the moment), but it got down to about 9F... All things being equal, it is just not fun. Even the chickens just stayed in the hen house and glared at me. I certainly hope Jack doesn't get sick from eating too much, that would be just my luck with one of mine in this house...


  9. Thanks for your holiday wishes. It was crazy cold here too and we had a horrible ice storm just before Christmas that caused some awful moments for many though we were spared.
    Buddy is in bed after having three wisdom teeth , one decayed, surgically removed yesterday ah the hospital.
    Right now as he snores I have time to type. There's rain out side. Very gloomy today., still I feel blessed by the comfort of home and family.
    No longer have your email so gotta keep in touch this way.


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