Sunday, January 26, 2014

Rear Window

After a couple of unhappy nights trying to bring the animal inside during the sub-freezing weather, we wondered just where the heck Tacky was sleeping. She avoids the garage since the skunk visited.

Puzzle solved. New problem.
 I have no idea if the weather did this or what, but there is evidence that Tacky has been making herself at home in the back seat.

We took another trip for a tarp this morning, not that it will really do much good. It rained in...


  1. oh, no! she's just helping keep mice out, i'm sure... :)

  2. Smart kitty that!
    What is that car? A Spitfire?

  3. Cute little car. Hope all your fur babies stay warm somewhere.

  4. Well, at least it's helping her stay warm. :-)

  5. Not quite in the same league but our old boy Leroy would go walkabout at times, and oh dear do I have memories of walking the street torch in hand looking calling cursing reluctantly giving up and no sooner be settling in bed and what do I hear but scratch scratch on the fly screen. He certainly didn't get a ladylike greeting!


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