Friday, January 31, 2014

Whew, I am done!

I am finally finished. Thank you for your input, it was appreciated. I just knew that pretty wouldn't cut it for that particular book. Don't get me wrong, I think the books of Julia are great, but beyond the romance, well, there are the Bad Things in life. This one a little more so than the others. I got my cover finished for my writer's page and the book cover finished and I did do a little revising of the story, before I re-submitted it.

Now, I can relax for the weekend! I am going to re-read Monroe Street and call some friends. What are you going to do? I hope Y'all have a great time doing something pleasurable!



  1. Lincoln Avenue is a pretty cover and Bad Things reminds me of chocolate.

  2. I think that cover is the one you favoured all the time lol They look good as a set and yes the darker cover of Bad Things does reflect the content.
    Hot weekend here so will not be doing much at all - temp of 41c/105f can be too much even for me!
    Take care

    1. A little too warm for me too! Maybe half an hour - I just had a chocolate shake and I am shivering!

  3. Very professional-looking Sharon! I wish you all the best with your book series. xo


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