Saturday, June 13, 2015

I finally GET it!

Early Morning

Noon (DST)

5:00 in the afternoon

The large bud is too heavy for the stem it would seem. I did notice though, that the sunflowers without a bud did tend to also follow the sun. It's pretty bad when it takes a body 69 years to figure out why they are called sunflowers! Doh! I didn't see that the weeds did this. Smart flowers, eh?


  1. I had never thought about that either, duh! Did you plant them? They look like they are the huge kind with plate size faces. Those don't grow wild here but we have plenty of the small kind.

    1. God and the birds planted them. I think they will be rather small, the one with the largest head is only about 3' tall. Must be from the black sunflower seeds in the bird seed. I am still delighted.

  2. We all just take things for granted most of the time.
    You must have been a botanist in one of your past lives, Sharon! Or maybe you will be one in a future life. Who knows?

    1. I had a reply, lost it for some reason ...
      I seem to notice more, now that I am in forced slowdown.
      It's about the only thing I like about getting old.
      I have no choice but to stop and smell the roses or watch the sunflowers grow.

  3. Replies
    1. Why, thank you, Theresa. It wasn't what I was shooting for this time, but I'll take it! :)


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