Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Out Of Focus

I am thinking (maybe wrongly) that I need a different camera. (Any excuse, huh?) It could be that this camera is just too heavy and that is the reason for so many bad shots. Of course, it could be that I'm a lousy photographer. I don't know. I lose so many opportunities because I have so much trouble getting the thing set up, and then there is that focus beam. I think it stays on too long. I do shake too. Well, anyway, here is an example:
The focus was a bit too far off ...

Better shot, I can see a water drop off her beak - not good resolution though. I am my worst critic.
I didn't care how this turned out, just shooting to keep track of the sunflowers. (They have been mutilated since those RWBB discovered they were food!)


  1. Oh well I like your pictures. I bought a lens for my I-pad and it doesn't do anything. Question??? Does that large sunflower grow wild there or did you plant it? The large ones doesn't grow wild here, just the small ones which I have said before the farmers and ranchers doesn't like. In fact one of John's landlords is upset with him for not keeping them down. I'm always trying to get one of those plate size ones to grow in my yard but don't have luck.

    1. I guess the birds must have planted them, never had before we put the bird feeders up. The heads are getting heavier now and drooping badly. Of course, the birds hopping on them and tugging at the seeds hasn't done much for them either. I don't know what I'll do with them when the birds break the seed head off. The plants are only about 3 1/2' tall. (seed bag said "Black Oil Sunflower Seeds)


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