Sunday, May 22, 2016

Neighborhood problem

The neighbor's dogs
Common scene - sometimes with the addition of his Great Pyrenees. (SP?) Each of these dogs has been hit by a car at least once. They chase the cars that turn onto this street and drive everyone nuts. I worry that somebody is going to throw poisoned meat into my yard, trying to get rid of this nuisance and kill off my dogs. Jack and Jill wear electronic collars and know how far they can go. If not for the collars, I believe they would be big chasers as well. (Or dead)
Our area is a major dumping ground for unwanted animals. Personally, we cannot take any more in and I wish the neighbor wouldn't. Jack and Tacky were dump offs. I just wish people would take care of their problems and not shove them off on others. 


  1. Bob's brother lived out of Houston and they constantly had problems with people dumping animals, primarily dogs. That is so bad. It's cruel to the animals and a real problem for residents in the area. I'm sorry you're having that problem.

  2. Blood boiling!

    I have received most of my animals as dump offs, either directly or from the various agencies. I always try to care for them, keep them corralled (we even got rid of some roosters that kept escaping and getting out on the road, because I was afraid it would cause an accident). We were figuratively yelled at by our neighbors because we had this 'big, mean dog' that would 'chase and kill sheep' because it was loose. I showed them the kennel and enclosure the dog was in, and was still remanded that it was to stay on MY side of the fence. Fast forward, the neighbor doesn't care if the nasty little terrier keeps coming over, because he doesn't chase sheep, and he's just digging for mice.

    Except that I have nearly fallen into several chuck holes he's created and the dog is not real friendly to me, ON MY PROPERTY.

    Another neighbor had to take his dog in for a rod in his leg, as he wouldn't keep it contained. (Oh, the dog feels bad when he's "caged up". Yeah, bet the dog felt top of the world when he drug himself home with a shattered leg!) They've since gotten rid of the dog, don't know if they did it humanely or not. Sigh.

    So, yeah, this is a problem that seems to have no end, and you sometimes wish you could tag and neuter/spay the PEOPLE, the animals aren't the problem!!!

    Sorry. Rant over.

    1. Exactly how I feel about it! The neighbor dogs use my yard as a latrine and drag stuff.

  3. a widespread problem, for sure.

  4. This is so sad. Dumping animals is cruel. Is there a rescue you can call to come and get them.
    People should be shot for dumping.

    1. No animal control here. I agree - the cowards should be shot!

  5. Not sure what the rules our about dogs in your community. Have you tried calling your local shelter to see what the law might be.
    I know if I took Daisy to town she needs to be on lease and I have to pick up after her. Or be fined.
    At time since we had barn and shed. they thought we need an extra cat or two. Haven't happen in last few years.
    One good thing our dog Daisy was drop off but it still not right.
    Coffee is on

    1. There are no local shelters, there is no animal control, I live in the country.

  6. I am in total agreement with you and your commenters. People need to CARE for animals. Not let them roam or possibly chase or be hit by cars. It, too makes angry when people just let animals roam. Our community does have some serious leash laws but with that being said...people that have electric fences/collars or regular fences, if their animals get loose by accident, everyone is very forgiving. There is a huge difference from an occasional escape and a routine of letting them run.

    I think Cat makes a good point in her comment as well. Even if the "loose" animal isn't being destructive, it's still shouldn't be one neighbor's responsibility to care for another neighbor's animals. They need to stay on their own property.


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