Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Announcing a Marriage

Please forgive me, I have been down the rabbit hole. I popped up to show you my latest discovery and an old one.

The story begins thus: years ago when ebay and I were on friendly terms, I bought an antique gold wedding ring reportedly to be a size 7. I was fairly green about real sizes and weights. I took said ring to Jeff, my jeweler, to have him check it out. The ring was considerably smaller than stated (a size 4 1/4) and lighter than the weight stated in the ad. I made the mistake of allowing Jeff to clean it up. He said the inscription looked authentic, but people these days can produce fakes every day of the week.

I wrote the seller, thinking perhaps he had both rings and he had sent the smaller of the two. He would not allow me to return it after I told him I had it to the jeweler. He claimed I had ruined the ring by taking off the old. The ring would only fit my pinky at the time and I have a reputation of losing them, so for the longest time, it sat in my drawer.

The inscription in the ring reads, Napoleon Jennie Sept 13, 1869. I often thought (wondered) if I could authenticate it and find out if it was real or not. Yes, It could still be a fake, but with my ancestry subscription - I did locate their license. Napoleon was a popular name in that decade and I found half a dozen Napoleon and Jennie's in the marriage licenses. I was quite surprised. The old guy who sold me the ring, said he thought he had gotten it in a lot from an estate in Ohio.

 I'm wearing Jennie's ring now, as my hands have shrunken with age. I couldn't keep my wedding ring on anymore and had thought to try it on. You have to know - I am very curious what happened to that young couple. Wouldn't you be?
Sorry for the lousy picture of Jennie's ring.
Going to bed and then back down the rabbit hole. I hope everyone is doing well!


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  2. I figured you have been busy 'digging'! Have fun.

  3. Yes I would be curious to know. Thank you for posting this interesting post. Have fun in your rabbit hole.

  4. Wow- I would love to know who it belonged to. Ebay..oh boy, don't get me started. :(


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