Monday, January 12, 2015

Something that makes me say, "Hmm"

My father was in some sort of something - He was in uniform in a couple of pictures, but I cannot find any military information on him. If I were to guess, I would say the cavalry, but in 1935? I could use some info on just what kind of uniform he is wearing.

1934-1935 - Dad kneeling in front with my mother (seated)


  1. What great photos to have, Sharon. A lot of women in your family.
    Maybe your father was in a mounted division for the army. Would a close up of his uniform help? Maybe too blurry.

    1. As near as I can figure, my father was in the US Army Cavalry, it was disbanded in 1934, ah ha! Why they can't find his records is beyond me though.

  2. Interesting, I hope you can find the info.

  3. those pants do look like jodhpurs.


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