Saturday, January 10, 2015

No luck

Think he could come just a few feet closer? That feeder must be giving off bad vibes. They look at it, but they are not coming.
In the old fig
 Jack is looking like Old Yeller or something like that. It's from his ringworm treatment, it should all wash out eventually. I called the vet and she said to give him another bath - He still stinks, have been having him snuggle up to the lavender scented giraffe. Actually - I put it between him and me.
Mr. Stinky
I just started using my new printer a few days ago and it is screaming for more ink! I have more sheets of paper filled with many different fun and not so fun (more like boring) facts about my family and doing some work on DH's just to add to the confusion.

The most popular name for a girl in the 1800's was Annie and they seem to be in absolutely every generation on both sides of my family. One bleep census taker wrote down Emmy one year and it is so screwed up now. The thing thinks he had a second wife with a separate family. Just before I quit for the night - another Annie.

I need a new mouse, this one is going to bleep from all the scrolling and clicking. DH working another week and Dollie's car is on the fritz, so I hope it hangs on.

My shoulders are burning, Good night folks! I think I will try to leave it alone for a couple of days... but you know me...


  1. Had a couple on Annie's in my family.....way back.
    Poor Jack! Poor YOU!
    Do you think the feeder is in the wrong place? Too close to house? Or where the dogs 'go'?

  2. Sometimes those old birds can be very picky about the food and different species like different kids of food. I usually get food for songbirds but this time got a general wild bird seed and they are turning up there little beaks at it.

  3. if you get desperate, order one off ebay and have it delivered. :)

    poor jack. bless him. annie is a good name, even today. :)

  4. oh, the little bird looks gorgeous!
    So will Jack when he is done with his stinky treatment.....

    I hope this new year treats you well, Sharon! Thank you for always stopping by my random posts!

  5. Beautiful Cardinal. I don't understand why the birds are not taking to your feeder. Maybe they will eventually and then you won't be able to keep it filled.

  6. They'll find your feeder soon! What a beautiful photo of the cardinal! Enjoy your Sunday! Hugs!


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