Saturday, January 24, 2015


I woke to snow this morning. The only visitors I had were the pair I had the other day. I was hopeful when half a dozen cardinals flew into the fig, but they were not interested.

The snow is gone now, except for in the shadows. No help there.

Good Sunday!


  1. Thanks for showing the pretty snow. Surely the pair will bring friends soon.

  2. More than what we have up here in the tundra!
    6 Cardinals! Show off!! lol We would settle for just one.
    You just wait Sharon, you will inundated by flocks of birds soon!

  3. Pretty snow dusting- maybe the birds will fly in soon- I don't see how they can resist a free buffet!

  4. Oh how pretty. Don't dispair I'm sure they will be feeding soon. They will have youngings to raise spring is on its way!


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