Thursday, January 1, 2015

Well! That's done and done!

The holiday lights in the neighbor's yard went out a couple of days ago. (I'm doing a mental happy dance)
 Dollie was here this morning, doing clean up and playing with Jack. The dogs really love her!
DH cooking our New Year's Day Lunch

 Jack had his 1st shampoo and dip on Tuesday - talk about a stench. It's a sulfur dip. It took hours for the smell to thin out.
Jack n Jill playing. He's in fine spirits now!
 Still no birds coming to the feeders. I do not know what is up. At first, I thought maybe the central was spooking them, but I had several sit on it when it was running. Yesterday, one little fellow was sitting on the unit, and seemed to be looking at me through the window, and then looking at the feeders.

If I haven't said it to you yet - here goes for the final time - Happy New Year!


  1. maybe try scattering a bit of loose seed under and round the feeder area. that might get them to 'see' it's there. :) glad the pups are feeling good.

    1. I did that right away, also on a white plate to make them more visible. ???

  2. Happy New Year, Sharon! So what was for New Year's day lunch?

  3. Looks like you've got it made for the New Year. Someone cleaning and someone cooking. You know the old saying " whatever you do on New Years you will do all year". I bet once the birds discover your feeders you couldn't chase them away.

    1. I hope the old saying holds true! Now it's raining, another day w/no birds.

  4. Just maybe the birds aren't hungry enough and are getting fed nearby? Give it time.
    Love 'hash'! (the food kind of course!!)
    Cute pics of Jack and Jill.
    Happy New Year Sharon!!

    1. There were all kinds of birds on the other side of the house - before it started to rain...
      Oh, goodness! Didn't think of the other hash!
      Happy New Year, Jim. The best to you and yours.

  5. "If you feed them, they will come." :-)

    You've been busy--Glad I'm not today, and I can catch up with what you've been up too! :-) But I wish all the very best for you and everyone at your house for 2015 Sharon, and good health for you too!!


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