Thursday, January 26, 2017

Playing with this thought ...

What do you think?

You know I have Jack and Jill and though they are dogs, they are like my children, my family, right? Well, I have a problem and I'd like your opinion. I keep Jack and Jill in what's called a radio fence to keep them safe from the traffic on the road. It does keep them in the yard, but it doesn't have any affect on any of the neighbors' dogs that come into the yard. Occasionally, the neighborhood dogs come into my yard, they use my yard as their own private rest room. They also drag garbage onto the grass and steal some of our property, carrying it off to God knows where. They steal the cat's food and have dragged her little barn across the porch. I have decided I want to build a fence or wall, all around my yard. I don't want these intruders anymore!

So ... My question is this ... I plan to ask my neighbors for the cost of the enclosure, or at least half the cost, after all it's their dogs coming onto my property and causing all the problems. They should be ready and willing to shoulder the burden of protecting my property. Right?


  1. That is a tough one. If you've asked them to keep their dogs out of your yard and they haven't, they don't sound like neighbors willing to cooperate in any way. Maybe they could train their dogs on a collar to respect your current "fence."

  2. Here in Australia they legally have to pay for half the cost of a Pailing fence. Not know what the rules are at your place.
    I'd do some costings and see what's available
    Then approach them with figures
    You never know. If you don't ask the answer is always no
    Good luck

  3. Or they could build a dog run to keep the animals in their own yard. It's unfair of them to let the dogs roam. Here in Australia we could call the local council, I think, or somebody and the people would be issued with a notice stating the dogs must be kept under control or they will be fined. I'm not clear on dag laws here, but I'm pretty sure dogs aren't allowed to roam and defile others property.

  4. It is a tricky one. Where I live we all have responsibility for the fence on the right of our gardens, it is written in the deeds. Have you talked to your neighbours about the problem? They might help in finding a solution.

  5. Sadly it seems that neighbors are rarely willing to take responsibility for their pets or at least that has been my experience. Perhaps, you will be lucky and have the type to help out correcting the problem. My son put in a rather expensive fence around his back yard to keep his dog in (now his dog has passed away). The neighbors have leaned their wood pile against it which allows their dogs to climb up and over into my son's yard. The neighbor refuses to move the wood pile away from the fence. People can just be difficult at times.


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