Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Letter From Home 112112

Dear Family, Friends and Foes,
I hope this finds you all as well as possible and enjoying this week. Some of us are having Thanksgiving others not. DH will be grilling tomorrow. He bought us porterhouse steaks and a German chocolate cake. There's other stuff too, but these are the most important as far as I'm concerned.
This was an important week for me. I finished my NaNoWriMo w/50737 words. Congratulations to all the Wrimers that have or will complete their task! It was an eight ticket ride. My computer seems to be having more and more problems so I validated the word count before I lost the important things. (Like the cookies to get where I want to go) I'm hoping Santa will bring me a new laptop for Christmas, this one has been on about 12 hours a day – everyday - for nearly three years. The CD no longer writes. The card reader does not work…
DH is laid off, it is his second week home and he finally decided to do something. He is painting the porch rails. He wanted copper – like the roof. It isn't. It's orange - like the pumpkin. I suggested he cut out a couple of "T"s for Tennessee as if he were a supporter of the team. At least people wouldn't think he was a complete idiot. He will never live this one down, that's for sure. LOL! Tacky also has some orange on her, but she's working on it. Yuk!
I talked to my cousin today, thinking she would be gone to her daughter's tomorrow. Her daughter is sick, so dinner has been called off and so has their annual black Friday shopping event. She was quite disappointed. If anyone has elderly neighbors – please - take them a plate or invite them over. I cannot imagine sitting alone without a computer on a holiday.
There is not much more happening around here, taking it easy. I'll be busy on the phone tomorrow trying to digest that huge steak. Y'all have a good one!