Monday, December 29, 2014

Vet Visit

DH and Dollie took the animals to the vet for their annual shots and checkups today.

Jill: Healthy and fine.

Jack: Has ringworm - funny, it looks exactly like the fungus she gave us pills for last year that cleared up in a few weeks. This time he has to have bathing treatments for six weeks and he is going to stink. I can't wait.

Tacky: Has tapeworm and roundworms. Guess who had to dose her? It did go pretty well though, she was happy to see me and I wrapped her snugly in a baby blanket. Next week's dose? I will have to catch her first. Haha. BTW, that huge cat weighs all of 8 pounds, it's all fluff.

I'm glad that is over for a year, Jill goes completely paranoid. This year's wallet hit - $415. Wish we could use it for a tax deduction!

Sunday, December 28, 2014


Okay, so I did some 'after Christmas' shopping with hopes of buying some footed pajamas to lounge around in on the cold winter days ahead. You have to know I am too cheap to pay full price. It is going to get colder though...

Well, I get a message that all of my order is out of stock. Talk about freaking me out! I ordered two pair of the all in one, a new robe, a set of thermals, a pr. of fleece lined leggings, a new jacket, and a pair of shoes.

None? I had spent almost two hours on that bleep site! They wanted me to shop again. Were they kidding? Go through that all over again? No, not me!

My next message came and it seems that the pair of leopard sleepers (described as a 14K gold Figueroa chain) was not in stock, but the others would ship.

Now, I have gotten various emails saying this one or that one has shipped (Hah) and they will be here in 11days. But no leopard pjs.

BTW, I looked and the leopard pjs are still for sale in my size, but the price has gone up. Hmm... I guess I will see what I get when it gets here - in various packages from different places. Going to the mailbox will be like Christmas all over again. 

No birds at the feeders yet, BUT, they are doing 'fly-bys' and I believe they are checking them out. We have had so much rain that the redwood stain is washing out of the wood feeder. The little woodpecker is back in the old fig.

My father, had he lived so long, would have been 103 years old today. Happy Birthday, Dad.

No, I'm telling you right now, I will not be modeling my bunny suit.

Have a good Sunday!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Long Ago

Well, it is Christmas. I don't know about you, but I remember a time when the digital cameras first came out that a peon could actually afford. The pictures were rough, you didn't need any special filter to make them look "custom" -  they just looked that way. I look at this old shot now and I remember taking it, I remember what the day was like, and I remember what we talked about. I guess that's about all a person needs is a little poke to the brain - to bring back the memories. Sharp pictures are not required, they are stored perfectly clear with so much else, in your mind.
Make some memories today.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Silent night, bright night

Because our house is at an angle, our neighbor's seasonal lights shine in both the southerly and westerly windows. Yep, my womb, the bathroom, the back hallway, and the kitchen windows. Jill and I have trouble with it so bright in here. They shine all night. Between the festive lights and their yard light, we get little sleep. Sigh... Worse than a full moon.

I will be happy when when new year rings in... Last night was definitely the longest night.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Friday, December 19, 2014

Repeat - Sort of...

Goodness! I have no idea where the time goes anymore! I haven't taken any new pictures, so I thought I would show this again, in case someone out there needs an idea for a homemade gift. There is still time, if you have a hot glue gun and old jewelry or any bright metal bits and parts.

Dollie gave me a haircut a couple of days ago. So much better!

DH is home for the holidays or whatever, we never know.

All week has been dark, damp, and dreary. I haven't thought to take any pictures.

Not going to start from scratch. DH just came home with some new cold weather hats for work.
Might come in handy for Santa, you think? He bought at Lowe's.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Old Desk

Hi! I found a new home for the hide-a-bed chair to make room for my desk. (New home is not in my house) Jill doesn't like change, but I had the old desk in the hallway, right next to the vent and I was afraid it would dry out worse. My womb feels so much roomier now. (Maybe I will get at cleaning the room up, now that I have more incentive.)

J has my computer running better now, nice to be back! Thanks J! :D

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Nuts! - Not!

I hope you can see what I'm talking about - those black things in the trees are empty shell casings. If the crows hadn't pegged our trees for their first robbery - it looks like we would have had a good year for the pecans. I believe it was the best year of all.................... for the crows!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Late Autumn Color

Nearly every leafy thing is naked now or dressed in dried up leaves that crackle in the wind. I was surprised to see that my blueberry plants are still sort of hanging in there.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Letter From Home

Hello, my family and friends, I thought today was a good day to send a letter from home. I really have nothing to say of import, just ramblings.

A thought came to me while commenting on The Run*Around* Ranch report about her Whistlers and describing her juveniles to a blind person. If they had seen a duck, any duck, before they could not see - would they have believed the changes they go through?

Well, it was just a thought, anyway. How many of us look at things and yet could not describe what we see, because we are not really paying attention? I've heard that witnesses to a crime have difficulty identifying the bad person - you get my drift. 

More important things are being missed every day. The look of wonder in a child's eyes when he sees something new. The way a grandfather holds the latest family heir for the first time. The sadness of a soldier far from home on the holidays. We glance, we see, but we don't really see.

Could you describe what you see to someone who cannot? This morning, I watched two buzzards, flying together in perfect sinc, they both stopped flapping their wings at the same time, gliding in unison toward the large oak across the way and settling in the tree. Just a couple of ugly birds, you say? I saw the beauty of nature.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday Silly

What mess?
Can you think up a better caption?

Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Brace yourselves...

I cooked!
Well, kind of - with the help of canned foods.
Not as pretty as the ads, but just as good!
  We had a great day yesterday.
I hope you all did too!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Sky Shot

I'm always looking for unique sky shots - they make cool book covers (Just my opinion). I saw this from my computer the other day and thought it looked like fringe.

DH will be home for Thanksgiving, so I will be busy. Happy Thanksgiving to my US friends and a pleasant Thursday to everyone else! 

Monday, November 24, 2014

How? - Wha--?

I had a visitor in the wee hours. I'm trying to figure out where he got into the house. He was really bookin' until he hit the rug where the dogs' dishes are. I checked the pipe and wire holes in the floor, no shimmer. Hmm... could he have hitch-hiked in on my boot or one of the dogs?

I seriously thought I was done with these squishy, slimy devils - at least until the weather warms up in the spring. Ish!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Dog Fights

"Mom, he's on my bed!"
 "Make him move, Jill. You're bigger than he is."
 "But, Mom, he says that he's the boss, he came first."
"Jill, that's your bed, make him move, lay down on him."
"I'm not comfortable doing this..."

"Can I get off now, he's whispering mean things to me."

Friday, November 21, 2014

Good-bye Fig

I believe after 2 nights at 15F and a freezing day - my fig will not be back in spring. That cold spell is most likely the end of it. The new limbs were thin and weak. I think I will allow the Mr. to cut it all back and get a hook for a feeder.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

That didn't work...

All solutions - empty. Maybe she has a better place. The temp got down to 15F last night. Tacky was not in anything when I got up. Back to the drawing board.

I brought her inside for a while last night, to warm her up, hoping she might just curl up somewhere and decide to stay inside. She's a pretty cat and she doesn't need to literally freeze her ears off. Max (the neighbor's Great Pyrenees) has taken to chasing her, I don't think he would come up onto the porch.

When I let Jill outside this morning, she was afraid to go down the steps. The most I can imagine is that she had forgotten about frost.

Have a great sunshiny day!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Annual Christmas Rant - Warning - Language

Our last "Traditional" Christmas. (You can see how little effort I put into decorating, my heart wasn't in it)

Usually I am zeroed in on the early and crass commercialism it all has come to, or the debt we add to our stress during the most expensive time of the year - Taxes, Heating Bills, etc. Nope, not this time, this time it's BIG and doesn't seem it will ever stop.

What the hell has happened to: "Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?" We are being screwed, at first it was inch by inch, but now the oppressors, those few that are changing our lives, are taking their pound of flesh and I am not happy. You shouldn't be happy either! I heard on the news that holidays were no longer the reason for school breaks. No more Christmas Vacation - time off, yes, but it's not for "Christmas". No more Easter vacation either. 

WHO are these people that think we won't mind these little changes? You know WHO, small people, who for money and favors, are being manipulated by a radical group that is taking our right to pursue happiness away because if "OFFENDS" them. 

Well, Dammit, I am offended, yes, ME, the one who complains about the problems that come with Christmas. WE ALL have the right to call things as WE see them. It's time we stopped this bull, NOW. What is wrong with you people?

Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Hanukkah
Merry Christmas
Have a good whatever you celebrate!

Offense be damned!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Jack's Discovery

Jack recently made a discovery. He wanted to lay in the sun, now that the rays are slanting into the bedroom. He checked out Jill's bed and decided - "Hey, I like this!" Jill, however, wanted to lay down for a nap and we all know who is the alpha dog here in the house. She went slinking off into the living room to pout on the big chair. Where there is no sunshine, BTW.

Jack at 8 years+ ------------------------------------->

I thought that pose looked familiar. Jack as 8-10 mo.-------------------->

An hour later, she came to me whining, she wanted her bed and he wouldn't get off. The sun had moved, but he has decided he likes her bed. (It's like me sleeping on a king-sized bed and not sharing.) I made him move, he gave me this look:

Monday, November 3, 2014

Understanding Friends

I have friends, much as y'all do, but how many of them are not thinking you're crazy when they get an earnest call...

"Quick, I need a woman's name - make it bitchy."

I am going over some of my stories and I discovered that two of the stories had a woman with the same name. I changed it to another name and then I realized that I had two of them too - thus the reason for the frantic call.

I thought I would make a collection of some of my old 'too short' stories. I would just as soon not repeat names... I will have to keep my eyes open for duplicating guys too. I used so many of my favorites in the Julia series, I may not be able to keep from doing it. Sigh... I like real names, not Dirk, Brick or Brock, haha.

I have been proof reading since my early morning rise. The dogs can't read the clock... so much for that 'extra' hour. What are you doing with that extra hour in the morning? It takes me a week or two until I don't notice the difference. (and retrain the dogs.)

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What, it's Wednesday?

The doctor's office always calls the day before an appointment to confirm, right? So... I don't pay a whole lot of attention to what day it is, it doesn't matter, they are all the same around here. The girl called about DH's appointment yesterday for the 30th... You do see where I'm going with this, don't you?

All day yesterday, I thought it was Wednesday, and this morning I thought it was Thursday - until I saw Run*Around*Ranch Report. Hmm... then I bothered to look at my calendar/date on my computer. Doh! Okay, Theresa, I admit it, you help me keep my head on straight as far as what day it is.

Now... about my blog - I spent about 25% of my monthly "allowance" for my wifi watching the eclipse live for several hours, copying and pasting some of the pictures. (the reason I am not on much right now) I was absolutely stunned as I watched it up close and personal through the telescope in Prescott, AZ. I had the image on full screen and could actually see the action going on - especially on the one marked spot. I was glued to the monitor in absolute awe! Unless you've seen it actually happening, well, you have missed something spectacular.
 They had questions and answers and real scientists discussing what was going on. The site also shows other celestial happenings when they occur. There is a different shot on my facebook page. Some days my life is not so boring!

Friday, October 24, 2014

The sunset I almost missed completely

I was so busy watching the eclipse in progress on the internet (it was too cloudy here). I happened to look up and there was the most beautiful sunset going on and I nearly missed the whole thing because I had my head in the computer. Doh!

I hurried even as it was fading, to try to get outside to capture some of the beauty. When I am out of breath, my pictures don't turn out at all well. This one is almost decent, but not a quarter of how beautiful it was when I noticed.

It just goes to show a person what can happen when one has their nose facing the monitor, instead of what is surrounding us. I watched the eclipse for a couple of hours and used about a week's worth of my GB "allowance", snapping print screen and then not being able to find them on the comp. Bleep!

Fading fast...

Thursday, October 16, 2014

I saw the sun today!

I made my doctor appointment today. My blood pressure was actually acceptable. Bones ache - old bones - no, I cannot take pain medicine. She is ordering me something to sleep, to get out of the tipsy-turvey cycle that I am in. 

I really have no business driving anymore. I did make the trip there and back without incident, it seems my car doesn't work the way it used to, or me, flip a coin. DH has been driving it... so I don't know - he drives it as if it is a jeep. It feels as if the front end is out of line. Needless to say, I was quite tense and I ache all over now.

Thought I would see some fall color on my way to Lawrenceburg, along the Natchez Trace. Nah, not pretty at all, no wildlife, just a nice quiet drive with very little traffic - under a mostly blue sky in the sunshine!

Time to make some supper, yes, I am a little behind... I hope you all had great days!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Where the *----* is the sun?

I took this the other day, when it wasn't actually raining. It doesn't seem to change much. Have had too much rain, too many storms and watches, warnings to set a person on edge. We don't have a storm shelter...

My shoulder may have something to do with barometric pressure and all this gloom. (Or it could be my age and worn out bones) I have a doctor appointment tomorrow and I am dreading it. I haven't driven since June (?), there is little confidence as to having to have my arms up on the steering wheel. There is no one to drive me. It's close to an hour drive from here..

DH is somewhere south of Knoxville now, his job moved there yesterday. Am getting tired of soup and TV dinners...

Still reading the complete works of GUY DE MAUPASSANT, a very cool guy, who thinks like a guy, not a woman who thinks she can think like a guy. He's very heavy on descriptions only not the kind I have been seeing in the newer novels. His description of a novel is spot on, in my opinion.

I do hope for sunny skies, this damp and gloom is getting to be too much for me. Wishing you all sunny days.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Transitional weather...

There really is nothing for me to blog about. The weather is going up and down as I am sure yours is as well. We missed the freeze by half the state.

I haven't heard how my grandson is doing. I can only hope he's better. Often, Grandma is out of sight, out of mind. I can't get my mail, let alone drive my car, so...

My shoulder is still a problem. I gave up my other blog and try to stay off my computer - it does help. I think I will pass on the NaNoWriMo this year. Not worth the pain.

I tried to stay up for the blood moon, at 2:00, I noticed spatters on my window and thought to just lie down for a little while and woke up at 8:30. So... I missed it, even if it wasn't rainy. I have no idea if it cleared or not. I've seen some of your shots - very lovely.

DH is working in Kentucky this week, no idea when he will leave for the next job. Jack and Jill are mourning, of course, after having Daddy home 24/7 for almost 4 months, they can't imagine where he's gone.

I hope you are all well and enjoying your weekend.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Paying the price...

It got cold last night. Our low was almost kissing freezing. We haven't turned the heat on as yet, so I am a bit chilled.

I've been on the computer too much, my right shoulder hurts - I think from holding my arm at wrong angle to click my mouse. Nothing is more fun than old age when a front comes through.

My grandson had an accident in his two seat sports car. How he loved that little Miata (I have no idea how that is spelled) it was one of those coffins on wheels. He's pretty broken up. My son called to tell me that he had wrecked but I shouldn't worry that he was fine, and then he proceeded to tell me about broken pelvis, arm, jaw, etc. The boy has got to be in a world of hurt.

I would suppose I shouldn't whine about about arthritis or bursitis. 

All for now, I hope life is being good for you.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekend ends

The rain "they" predicted for the weekend - didn't materialize.

DH worked a week - he wasn't ready - I hate to tell him so, nah, I told him so. Not sure when the next job will turn up, I suggested he hit the gym and get shaped up after sitting in his big recliner for well over three months...

The lawn care guy came to mow the yard - with the cooler nights, I didn't think it needed it - but - I let him have a go at it. Will maybe be one more time for the season.

I can hardly believe it's coming up on the end of September - where is the time going?

Saturday, September 27, 2014


It's not hot, or cold
It's not rainy or parched
No thing is irking
No need to complain
Nothing to celebrate
Nothing to share
This isn't a poem
Just stating the facts
It's Saturday
Have a good one!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Minnie Pearl

You've seen this pic before. I haven't caught a more recent one. (I didn't have the camera on me at the time) Minnie now sports a cast on her right rear leg. I am sorry about this, but I am NOT surprised.

You live in the country, you let your dogs run free - right? Free to get hit or killed on the busy roads. Free to damage or steal other people's property. I'm just bummed when people are not responsible and have such little value of their pets lives. They have lost several to our busy road already.

Well, at least she didn't get killed...yet. Only time before it happens, she is still running the roads... :(

Sunday, September 21, 2014

DH went to an auction...

Somebody made some money, haha. The heart necklace is actually sterling, he bought it with the pin, supposedly sterling too. I am not going to tell him, he was so happy to find something for me. He knew the costume rings were costume, he didn't remember that they make my fingers green and itchy. I'm not telling him that either. The 14K ring is too big, but it's the thought that counts, right? He did really well on the mirror - he knows that I collect that stuff. They sold it as silver plate - it is sterling with a familiar hallmark, I will have to look it up, I just don't remember off hand, and my books are packed from when we were going to move. The mirror is monogrammed, as they usually are a gift for someone special. It will be a nightmare to clean, someone has Bon Ami or something hard dried on it. It will look nice once I clean it up.

All in all, I'd say he did good, and thank heavens he didn't buy any furniture. I hope you had a good day too!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

About time for a letter from home...

I took this picture last week. Autumn is upon us, the few of the softer wooded trees are losing their leaves. The oaks and hickory look dark and when the wind blows, the leaves are beginning to rattle. We don't get a lot of color here, the pretty, natural maple and those with delightful autumn color - have been harvested long ago. Those pretty trees now grow in someone's yard.

We haven't had our first frost yet, hopefully it won't happen for another three weeks to a month. When it hits, the fig tree leaves will curl up and die then fall off. I'll miss watching the birds flying in and doing what birds do in those bush-like trees. Yesterday, I watched Jill watching my bluebirds in the closest fig. I could tell by her stance that she was about to get one. I was banging and yelling, to make her lose interest. She's quite good at catching the birds, she has dog food, she needs to leave my bluebirds alone! I know, it's in her nature, but...

We had rain last night, no need to add water to the fountain. The birds love it as a birdbath. I get a lot of enjoyment out of watching them arguing over their space to take their bath. It will only hold 4 or 5 depending on the bird. It is no longer a fountain, the lawn care guy managed to cut the power cord in half. It was just plugging up from the berry poo, anyway.

DH is having his visit with the Dr. to see if he is released to work. I don't think he's ready. He says his elbow starts to hurt after talking on his i-phone for 10 minutes. Nope, I don't believe he is ready to hold his drill over his head putting in brackets and screws for a 12 hour day. Just saying... He hasn't worked for nearly 4 months though and I'm sure he is anxious to get away from me and the house. (As am I)

I don't know if I will be sorry, but I had my land line shut off. We have been here for 9 years and half (or more) of the time, the land line made so much noise, it was miserable to talk on it. "I can't hear you" was a popular phrase. The reception was like trying to talk next to the fry daddy when I've thrown in some frosty frozen food. I kept my house number, however, and when someone calls, it comes through my cell phone.

The weather is cooling off to an average high of 80F (? 26-27C?) but the humidity continues. Cool mornings now. The average year, we turn the heat on, on October 7. We will have it on at night and then the A/C will have to run in the afternoon. It usually is like that for a month. Last year was a little different - less A/C. I guess we'll see what this year brings.

The hummingbirds have been visiting, looking in the windows. I wonder if they will leave early this year. The hibiscus is done blooming already. Seems summer was shorter this year. Those wondering about the pear tree - it was dying and rotten in the core, the fruit was terrible, drew wasps and hornets, the branches kept falling. I want to park my car there - ruin the side yard rather than my back yard. It cost $125 for the man to cut it down and haul it off, I have no idea if it was a fair price or not. I just didn't want anyone to park near it for fear of falling limbs.

I'm still writing a little. It's getting more difficult for me to gather a thought to make sense. My hands are stiffer, I hope they will be better when it's not so humid. As much as I hate to say it, I want summer out of here!

Hugs to you all!
That Old Lady in Southern Middle Tennessee.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Now you don't see it!

Good-bye to the pear tree.
Photos taken approximately 1 month apart. Autumn is definitely on its way, the leaves are getting old and tired looking, ready to crisp up and fly. It sure does make the yard look different!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Help for Dog Poofs

I don't know if Avon still makes this type of thing. I had it years ago in my second hand jewelry shop. Well, anywho, I don't like the fragrance, but, you see, Jill sleeps on her mattress behind my computer chair and she is infamous for her flatulence. When she is having a rather odoriferous (sp?) night, I put the fragrant pin by my computer fan to kind of mellow the stench. It does help. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Whoopie Moon

Excuses, excuses, what can I say? I tell everyone about the big event and then get so caught up in my WIP that I completely forget it. Well, I did come to my senses a little too late. I did run (not actual 'run') outside with my nice room temperature camera to the unusual cool of a Harvest Moon evening. You know what happened right away. Hmm, not a good idea to breathe too hard toward the lens either. I forgot to have DH hold the cat. As much as I was screaming at him to take her away... nothing. Monday night wrestling was on. NOW - the truth be told, I am not a great photographer, and I do shake too much, and then...
...there is that cat.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Skyless cloud

I thought that since some of you share pictures of your cloudless sky that I would share too.

Remember tonight is the last of the Super Moons for a little while and it's a Harvest Moon to boot!

I wonder if I'll get to see it???

Monday, August 25, 2014

It's late, but I have not died... wifi gizmo did.

Talk about a boring weekend! So, I am behind. No way to catch up and be able to pay my bill at the end of the month if I try, so I hope nothing serious has happened.

DH is having mega problems with his elbow. The therapist asked him if he tried riding his motorcycle over the weekend or something equally stupid. He hadn't, I think she may have done it herself on Friday, he was miserable since his appointment then. I would suppose he'll never play tennis now. (Not that he ever did)

Jack...Jack...Look at me Jack!

 We found one of DH's cousins that mows lawns! He drove our 'cost too bleep much' mower and when he tried to turn, the only thing turning was the steering wheel. Yep, time for a new mower - next year!

Not much happening, sorry. Have a great week - I'm writing...

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Letter From Home 08/19/14 Darkness Falls

The days are ending sooner and sooner. I know that summer's end is moving on us quickly. The next foreseeable days have highs in the 90s, but I know it won't be long and it will be over. The leaves have that dark, dirty, old green look, and the bugs are going wild. My hay fever is running rampant. Sigh...

A friend called me today from Amsterdam, it was quite a surprise. Sigh, seems all my friends travel and I don't, except through them. Who knows - I may get a do-over, haha. I would be a nomad.

DH saw his surgeon on Monday, he has another month to sit around before his next Dr. visit. I seldom hear snoring at night, now, I hear, "Ouch!", "Oh!", and a few choice words in BLUE, when he turns over or tries to get that arm comfortable.

There is nothing on TV, nothing worth watching anyway. I think they do this every summer, hoping you will be happy with whatever pig slop of new programming they decide to throw at you in the fall. I'm just waiting for Devious Maids, NCIS, and CSI LV... If it weren't for Rissolli and Isles (sp?) I would not turn it on - myself. DH watches anything, I stay out of there, LOL! 

I made myself some cracker soup for supper tonight - comfort food from childhood, just because. Simple to make - soda crackers, hot milk, a little butter and sugar. 

I hope you are all well and keeping yourselves entertained! G'Night!


Monday, August 18, 2014

The Equalizer

I'm not sure about the rules of using someone's pic. So... No pic tonight.

I find that when DH and I don't agree about the when or how of something that I can look it up on the internet. The latest thing was about the date of the completion of the transcontinental rail. He was watching some show about long ago - Hell something? I asked him when that was. He gave me an answer that I didn't agree with. 

I let it gel in my head and was positive it was a decade or so before what he said. DH is, of course, never wrong. In a different lifetime, I had seen the spike in a museum, but my muddled mind couldn't come up with the particulars.

Ta-Dah, enter the equalizer! I have cut and pasted the info. Why is it that I want to do the happy dance? I was closer to the right date than he was. Now, I won't rub it in, but I sure am going to show him... I can't be wrong ALL the time!

May 10, 1869 the last (Golden) spike was driven to complete the railway!  

Thursday, August 14, 2014

No More Selfies!

Well, the old lady turned 69 today. Good grief, how did that happen? Picture is of Jill - she's five. I am done putting my mug up! DH had his birthday too - he's a springy 56. Yes folks, we share the same birthday, and, of course, the same anniversary. Hee hee - NO, I have not been in the wine. We had those snack cake cupcakes with the squiggle across the top. Had to have chocolate cake, don't you know. It was a good day, not as hot, not as humid, and no rain, that was a winner! Not sure what frozen dinner we will have, since his surgery, we have been eating that type of thing because between the two of us - we have one good hand, real cooking is pretty much out, and so is driving much. No restaurant tonight, which is fine with me.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Bless the neighbor!

DH cannot handle the riding mower since his shoulder and elbow surgery, and we have been getting considerable rain. The lawn loves this weather and was getting out of hand. Our neighbor came with his 48" mower today and made short work of our acre+. Bless him. I imagine we will be in the market for a big mower like that... Sigh...

Monday, August 11, 2014

Super Moon II

I have seen some incredible shots of this month's Super Moon as I'm sure you have. Awesome stuff, for sure!

So... I set myself up with a little friend and great hopes. I lined myself up with the little friend and the moon. Oh, did I mention that I have a cat? (I know - Sharon is off her rocker - what the hey does taking pictures of the moon have to do with a cat?) I am in a slightly precarious position, half hanging over the rail to line everything up. I steady myself...I take the shot, just as the cat decides to rub against my leg. Bless her.

It goes without saying, that the shot did not work.
Little friend (taken after the ruckus)

My foiled "trick" shot

Taken after I collected myself (sort of)
  I imagine there were more than a few blown shots out there, am I right? I would hate to think I am alone in taking (or not taking) rotten shots of the moon...

Saturday, August 9, 2014

The lily on the cover

Excerpt from Julia, Monroe Street:

Julia did not have a bridal bouquet. Traditionally the groom is supposed to buy that for his bride.

Philip had more than likely thrown his away and Edward had not known about the tradition. He pulled a single lily from a vase, to present it to her with a kiss.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know,” he whispered.

The minister performed the brief religious ceremony.

 Even though he was nervous, Edward could not take his eyes off his bride. Neither of them remembered the words, except for the ‘forsaking all others’ part. That one stuck. When he kissed the bride, he could hardly wait to take her upstairs.

They held the reception in a separate room off the hotel dining room, giving the family privacy. Everyone ate the beautiful cake and the little sandwiches. Her father cancelled the photographer, but he could not cancel the music. He had hired musicians that played music to dance to and nearly everyone participated. Meg danced every dance with Frederick, while Julia shuffled from one family member to another. Edward dutifully took each aunt or cousin for a spin around the room. They had fulfilled their family obligations and danced together for the second time. He held her close, watching for an opportunity to make their escape.

They ran up the stairs together, as soon as they could get away from the reception. He did not want to waste any time, because they only had the room until noon the next day.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Letter from home 08/07/14

Hi Everyone!

Thought I should post something, so that y'all didn't give up on me. I'm just having a bit of the summertime blues - allergies, BP problems, sinus, balance, arthritis - oh, you know all that fun stuff I generally go through every now and then.

Another Super Moon is coming up - wouldn't you know it - we are supposed to have clouds and chance of rain and cloudy skies for the next week or so. Will miss the meteor showers too! Drat!

DH had shoulder and elbow surgery on Tuesday. He'll be fine once the soreness goes away and he does rehab. Our phone stays busy with relatives checking on him.

Jack and Jill are not happy with the hot weather, they spend most of their time in siesta. Me too, actually.

The blueberries are pretty much done for the year, they sure were good - what I got of them. DH does not like them and he told some folks to pick what they wanted. :(

I have been doing some reading, it's a great way to block things that irritate me. Haven't been doing much writing, after reading some of the great stuff I found - it's hard to compete - you know?

I hope you are all having a wonderful season, wherever you are!
Better blooms this year!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Friday, July 11, 2014

She still sucks

My big baby
I was going to post this on Wednesday. I am slightly behind...

Jill is now five years old, Jack eight. I have noticed that they still suck in their sleep, their eyes are never quite closed at the time. No question, just an observation.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Doctor Visit

For the life of me, I couldn't think of a way to photograph breathing without scaring you... or I would have.

I went to the doctor today, I made the appointment last week because the bleep pharmacy wouldn't fill my pills without my going in! Well, I'm glad I had the appointment, it has been a rough [breathing] week. She ordered some breathing meds for my nebulizer,  and she is changing my "rescue" inhaler - it simply does not work. I know this sounds whiny, but try breathing through a heavy pillow for a few days...

The whole ordeal made me so tired, I couldn't stay awake on the way home, and then I took a nap when I got home. I slept a good 3 hours, hard.

I know this sounds harsh, but I wish it would rain tomorrow evening. I know, I know, that would just put off the inevitable, but the dogs get so scared. To think that I used to enjoy the 4th of July!

I hope you do!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Check outdoor lighting

It makes a perfectly waterproof home and if it fits...

My bluebirds are gone now, going to miss them, but not the fire hazard.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Just a taste of what you could be missing... maybe

I don't know - I just sort of skimmed though a little bit, I don't think I am such a horrible writer. Mistakes, I'm sure, never doubted it. Here is an excerpt from "Bad Things". Of course, it may not make sense to you without reading Book 1 and Book 2. This one seems to have a bad reputation. Oh, well, I liked it. 

They rode facing into the sun. She wished she had Philip’s dark glasses. She thought about her dream of just driving casually along with the wind tossing her hair, enjoying the scenery. Here she sat, sweating like a butcher with her hair sticking to her face, and getting there her only goal.

“We should have taken the train,” she said.

“I had thought that too,” Beth replied.

The auto began coughing and jerking. Julia looked at the gauge and then back at the road. Now, it’s suppertime. She didn’t see anyone on the road or a gasoline station, nothing but trees, not even a house. She swore softly, letting the Chevrolet coast to a stop at the bottom of a hill.

“We’re out of gasoline?”

“Yes, we are out of gasoline. I do not understand why, we got gasoline at lunchtime,” Julia reminded her.

“What can we do now?” Beth asked, although she knew what Julia would say before she said it.

“We have to sit right here and wait. If we have to sleep in the auto, it will not kill us.”

Hours later, two figures leaned in the seats covered with their dusters. The mosquitoes were ravenous. The bugs were busy making their noises and an unhappy owl hooted somewhere out in the woods. Not a single auto, motor truck, or horse had come down the road. Beth thought she heard someone walking in the woods. She began to speak when she heard Julia say, “Sh...”

Julia had peeked to see a bear walking in the faint moonlight. She touched the gun in her pocket, instantly realizing that would not be a good idea. She had luckily hit the horse successfully, because it wasn’t going anywhere. Gradually the bear lumbered out of sight. She hoped that it had no intention of returning.

Monday, June 23, 2014

New Visitor

New Visitor - What is it?
Sorry about the crappy pictures, I was excited. I have been busy writing. I hope your days are going well.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Jill Suvives (but not our wallet)

Just a short shot here tonight. Jill was not as nervous when we put her in the car this morning, but she was still shaky. When we picked her up, it was, "Oh, there's the car. I want to get in." Her eyes were only half open and she was a tad unsteady as she jumped into the back seat with me. No shaking, no panting, nothing when we started home. She curiously looked up at corners, and did a little coughing - I was worried that she was going to get sick, but we made it home okay. She got out of the car, heading for the back door and I told her to 'go potty'. The poor girl must have held it all day, even in her sleep! She did a little bobbing and weaving, going up the steps, into the kitchen, and headed straight for her water bowl. That taken care of - she went to bed to sleep it off some more.

I couldn't believe it, cost for knock out and tooth cleaning - $180. I guess I live in the old days, OMG!

I couldn't understand why so many sample downloads of "The Kindness of Strangers" and only 2 purchases. Somehow, someone besides me played with it. It had been redone twice and when I looked - my italics were gone! I never got a ticket or a notice, I had no clue! I had it reformatted and have resubmitted it...

Thursday, May 22, 2014

No Sale

We found out that the house was built back in 1959 - Everything about the main part of the house was 21 years older than we thought. I will say we were shocked that the information wasn't given to us sooner.

We are not happy. It's kind of like hiring someone to be a stripper at your party and it turns out to be a 55 year old geezer. He can probably dance, but how's his liver? Everything is that much older. Resale would be less after we poured all the necessary money into it. Insurance would be higher. Makes a person leery as to what else had not been disclosed - that the inspector couldn't see.

Our realtor said that Alabama was a "Buyer Beware" state. Humph!

No Sale
We feel we have already put out too much cash. Never believe in 'Move in ready', no matter how much you like the place. For now - I give up.

I am sick today - not just because of what's going on, I have an intestinal bug of some sort.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Girl, Jill

Jill this evening.
I had to put the camera on the floor and pretend I wasn't taking her picture. I see the 'Healthy Weight' dog food is not helping my little pudge much. She still sneaks Jack's food.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Wouldn't you know ...

Summer is coming. My toy wouldn't start. Charge the battery. Car starts. I didn't notice the flat. Couldn't get into the trunk. He's off to get the tire fixed... If he can. 


Maybe it is more trouble than it is worth.
Tire is repaired. Now the battery is dead again... EEEEEEEEEE!
I don't think I was supposed to go for a drive today.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Before & After

Have a great 'rest of the day' - I am taking a much needed nap!