Thursday, March 22, 2018

Old Bones

Sigh ... I had an odd beginning to my day. I put Jill out for her duties and I spotted a trio of deer across the road. I haven't seen any in quite some time and it was a pleasure to watch them munching on the early spring grasses. I ran (you know I really didn't, it's just a figure of speech, haha) to get my camera. The results are on my header. I know I said a trio, but they didn't stick together enough for a decent shot.

The deer didn't pay any attention to Jill's threats, so I sat down in the doorway to watch them for a while. When they finally moved on, I realized that I was stuck on the floor. I guess I am ready for one of those call buttons. I began to crawl to my chair (about 10') when my knees began screaming. I was next to my little roll-top and decided to rest for a bit to revisit the junk on the lower shelves of the desk.

I haven't looked at that old stuff for ages. There is quite a stash of old silver plate that I bought to make rings and other crafts until I found out I didn't have any strength in my hands. So, there they all sit. Useless. Mostly beautiful patterns, but useless ... There are some pieces in the box that someone actually tried to scrape off the silver. Senseless waste of time.

By the time I packed it all up again, crawled to my chair, and made it back to my desk - the clock said 11:15! My whole morning was shot. Time does fly by, doesn't it?

You can kinda see why I don't get anything done and my blogging has gotten so sketchy. Guess it's just these old bones attached to an old slow butt ...

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Daylight Savings Time

I really dislike the time changes. Why don't they just go to half past and leave it alone?

Very foggy here this morning. I've been awake, watching it begin at the bottom of the hill, until it engulfed the house. I think it should lift pretty soon.

The peaches are blooming, I believe this is way early. The wood have that early spring haze about them. My allergies are already bothering me.
Old Pic
 DH needs to check the chimney, we had a cowbird come in last week. I heard it and looked at Jill. Wish I had the camera ready, she had such a WTH look on her face! J came and rescued the poor thing, it was hitting one window and then another for a couple of hours.

I woke up early. Had a story running through my head. Even though I don't write anymore, I still do story outlines in my head ...

DH almost through 'shut down' at work. He will soon be looking for another job. There are times when I wish he had a regular job with set days and hours.

There really isn't anything going on. I did buy McMillan and Wife, The Equalizer, and the complete set of Columbo. That should do me for a while. 

Thursday, March 1, 2018

March 1st - Spring

Flowering Crab starting to bloom today.

Lousy shot-Window Bird Nest today.

The Neighbor's Pear Trees today.