Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Naked Ladies in the Rain

More than last year!
It looks like I will have blooms for several days. It was raining and I was afraid to get my camera wet, so these are long distance flowers. They have come right about on schedule this year. (BTW - the rain was just enough to settle the dust, but the thunder was awesome!)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Happy Birthday, Sis!

Today would have been my sister's birthday. Gloria would be 78 now. It's odd how I always got her birthday mixed up with my brother's, his is the 22nd. Since I found a fondness for the moon, I can keep it straight now. We celebrated her birthday in '69!

She's gone 24 years now, but I still think of her often and hope I dream of her. It's always good to see her, if only in my dreams. 

Yes, I realize that it's late and I belong in bed, I'm heading there shortly. You have to know that I am a bit beside myself without my characters from "Julia".

Well, Happy Birthday, Gloria, I hope to 'see you' soon!

Have a great weekend Y'all!

Friday, July 19, 2013

I did it!

And now I am going to sleep all day!

The cover was a BEAR!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Chillaxing (sort of)

I'm sure you are looking for pictures. Sorry... The Dell, the photo program, the camera, and I have agreed to disagree. Again, sorry.

I wrapped up Julia today, finished the series and have sent "The Rose Garden" off to be formatted. The story insinuated an end, but I never figure a story is over until the characters all end up dead in a fifty car pile up.

I guess I have about 5 quarts of blueberries in the freezer now. Still more to come and I may let the bugs or whatever eats them have at it. Kills my back and it is so HOT out there! They do look pretty in the freezer bags. ;-)

Well, now that I have (basically) nothing on the fire, I suppose it's time to clean my womb. But I think I will catch up with my movies first - the ones I have been saving for months because I didn't want to spend that much time away from Julia. Talk about obsessed.

My signal keeps bouncing, bleep - last day on my 5Gs and I could watch you tube till midnight, if I would be so inclined. Too bad that the signal isn't.

Y'all have a pleasant evening!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Letter From Home 07/12/13

It has been a week! 

I did get most of my numbers into the new phone. It is amazing and I love it! If it is one of those irritating 'non-calls' the pleasant female voice just says, "Call from" and then a string of numbers. I have the ring set on 7 rings, they usually hang up before it goes that long. The ring is not unpleasant or jarring. I am now a happy camper.

Chiggers are a nearly invisible parasite or bug that love tight warm places on our bodies. A search will give you more info. They are not fun and really itch.

Someone I know, is getting his wish for a natural yard. DH has no time to mow it, but it is just thick and only some yellow spindly flowers are growing out there. Not glamorous. DH said that if someone comes by with an offer to mow it that I should have them do it. Yah, like that is going to happen out here in the boonies. More likely, I need to keep the shotgun handy because the place looks deserted.

I finally got my 'Premium' status on Lincoln Avenue. I heard that it was harder now. Hmm. I lack a cover for 'Bad Things' and a blurb, it is ready to send as soon as I have that. Cannot put pretty flowers on that cover... My brain is getting overworked. I am proofing the last one, sigh... Then I will be finished with 'Julia'. I hate to see it end. I was my goal - to get them all out there before my mushy brain cells gave up the ghost entirely. I hope I can do that.

Lastly, my grandson told me he has joined the marines. He will do training throughout his senior year and go in when he graduates. I hope everything goes well for him, there is nothing more that I can say. I get too emotional...

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A New Toy to Confuse Me!

DH came home last night after work. Oh, wait a minute... he was not the new toy. He had a dental appointment today and as long as he was down there, I asked him to pick up a new telephone.

It is charging now. I figured out that it will be bedtime before they are charged enough so I can program them. It's a set, one for him, so he doesn't have to get up off his chair to answer it when it rings and one in the hall for the rest of us. :-) Of course, I will be too tired to mess with it tonight, except to call myself to hear my choice of 5 rings.

What modern technology comes up with! The main base can be set up with family and friend's names and the thing is supposed to speak their name. ("Ingrid is calling" etc) OMG, how cool is that? No rush to answer when it is an unknown caller! There is even a slip-proof pad on the back for those ear/shoulder holds.

This had better work as they say... I have the receipt and (for a change) an owner's manual. It will be a delight to get off that short cord. More than likely, I will spend most of the day figuring out how to put in the people and numbers that I have. I do not know how to text, shameful, I know. Hmm, if I have lost your number, please send it to me again via email. You know who you are. ;-)

Have a nice evening and a good day!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Blueberry Summer

Someone wrote a book by that name. I believe I read it, haven't the foggiest notion what it was about though.

My blueberries are really going to town. I took a bowl out to pick the ripe ones and I should have taken a larger bowl. I think this one is 2 quarts. By the time I was done picking (half the time sitting in the grass), the bowl was heavy and full. I left a good bit as I was too hot and tired to come inside for another bowl. I did get more than my daily need of vitamin D.

Of course, just picking berries isn't all that is involved. I came inside and stripped to take a shower. You don't sit in the grass here and NOT take a shower. Chiggers, don't you know. My skin is fragile enough, I do not need chiggers!

The dogs enjoyed my time outside with them and Attacky thought that I was playing with her. I don't know how many berries I lost because she attacked the little branches that I was picking from. She is one playful cat!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Letter from home... 07/05/13

Hi Everyone!

I worried as the rain and thunder moved off after supper last night. I took the dogs outside and told them it might be a while before they felt like going out again. Low and behold, the neighbors did not shoot off any fireworks and the dogs didn't have "Fright Night" this year! Of course, we are having rain and thunder again today... The forecast says for every day coming. Argh! I hope the thunder holds off long enough for me to charge my computer battery.

My telephone finally rang last night. I am going to have to get new ones. I had to sit on the floor because the short wire and the short cord wouldn't let me sit anywhere else. I heard my puckity (oxygen concentrator) in my left ear and was hard pressed to hear anything of my call. The dogs thought it was fun time as I was on the floor. This situation will have to be remedied soon.

I have Lincoln Avenue at Smashwords now, but it hasn't been okayed for the premium catalog yet. Only I would work myself to death to put it up the night before a holiday. I hope it won't take too long until someone there goes through it.

I found a book that I hadn't read yet, a person has to have something to do while waiting for each storm to pass. Right? I have no idea if the author is famous or anything. Of course, it's a detective book... I kind of lean that way. How odd that I wrote Julia, isn't it?

Have a lovely weekend... I will be reading, I hope you will be too!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Do you remember that we had the phone cooked last week during a storm? Well, I hooked up the land line telephone. It dawned on me yesterday that I hadn't been bothered by telemarketers since. Then I waited for my o2 guy to call... He didn't.

This morning, Jack and Jill went wild, someone was here! Yep, my o2 delivery. I asked him if he had tried to call and he told me that he had tried many times. Hmm, time to check that cheap phone. I had dial tone. Then I put my reading glasses on and looked at the black on black buttons. I had somehow shut the ringer off when I transferred it from my womb to the living room.

I must tell you, these have been the most peaceful days... I will remember about that ringer button - the next time I need peace and quiet!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Nice morning

It was a beautiful morning here, for a change. I made the bills out and walked to the mailbox without dying. Then I came back into the house for a bowl to pick the ripe blueberries. I got a cupful for my first picking and I was surprised. I know blueberries are good for my health. I should get quite a few this year. I played with the dogs and Tacky was playing her, "I'm going to scare you!" game with them. I love mornings like this when the heat isn't bad and the humidity isn't toxic. 

It's an extraordinary day, enjoy!