Saturday, October 31, 2015

Last day of October

October 31, 2015

I imagine you all thought I died, sorry. 

I don't know where the time goes anymore. We are in full autumn now, although we haven't had that first killing frost. Almost ... When we do, the fig leaves will curl up and drop dramatically. It does look as if it's all pretty dead out there already, no idea where the pollen is coming from.

Most of the birds have flown home in the reverse order of when they arrived this spring. Though upon leaving, they didn't have the exuberance they had this spring. The mourning doves are pretty steady company, along with a few cardinals and, of course, the sparrows.

I imagine the weather is going to be a downer for the town kids tonight. I don't see any trick or treating happening. We have a fine, cold, steady rain coming down. It's that chill you to the bone kinda rain. Halloween weather has never been predictable here. We have had heat and shorts weather and freezing rain, kind of like that famous box of chocolates.

Here's hoping you all have a great weekend and a happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Lighten up?

Halloween Spook House? Nope, right in the front yard and close to an elementary school where children walk, or are driven to and from every day. Controversial? You bet! The comments to the news postings are pretty much split on this subject. One group of people say it's too much, too graphic, too hard on the children that see it. Another group of people say these folks are within their rights, name calling the nay-sayers, and they should grow a pair. I didn't read all the comments, but one person actually said screw the kids. I will say that it sounded like a lot of the comments for the yard art were from teenagers and non-parents, though not all. I will say that most of the commenters that think it's great, cannot spell and use a potty mouth.

Somehow, in light of all the events happening in the news, I don't think it is the wisest move to have something like this on display in your yard for over three weeks. That is just my opinion. I say they are well done, although not appropriate where little kids will see on a daily basis. Would be great in a spook house or for a backyard party. 

For those who think this display is all fun and after all this is Halloween and we should suck it up - please tell me how a small child is supposed to UNSEE THIS?


Monday, October 5, 2015

[I can see clearly now] Bright, bright, sun shiny day!

Clear skies and sunshine!
Good Morning! After 10 continuous days of dark and drear, the sky is clear! (I'll only mention the bleep cold for past several days) The picture is for visible proof of sunny day and no clouds. Maybe the forecast for today is the truth and the warm will rebound for a while. The past few days, we had to run the central heat.

It appears my camera has had it. After what DH paid, it should have been good until I passed on. Sigh ... They don't make anything that lasts anymore. My heart beats between the click and click of the shutter. I only have to be holding it for it not to focus properly. I will have to test it on timed w/out me to test otherwise. BUT the shake warning comes on holding it still. Hard to take impromptu pictures of anything that moves. Note: I will not be getting a new camera, anything less than what I had would make me unhappy, so why spend that $ again. Right?

The only birds here this morning are the mourning doves. I guess the sparrows and cardinals are sleeping in. 

I hope you are having a sun shiny day too!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

A tad damp and chilly

Too early!
This is the fireplace we bought and hooked up when we first moved in here. It eats oxygen. BUT, we decided to hook it back up again for emergency heat if the power goes out. He lit it today, I have to say, I would rather freeze than to have to try to breathe very long using this.

Back to the drawing board. I had thought solar generator, but (no, that's a BIG BUT) as we have had a full week of cloudy days, I don't think that's such a great idea either.

There is not enough wind here for a wind generator and the outdoor latrine has been out of order for any methane gas. JK folks. 

 Wood smoke would kill me the quickest. Those pellet stoves are bad news too.

Living in an all electric home is cleaner, just not reliable way out in the boonies. We have been pushing our luck out here for the past ten years, will this year be the bad one? We get some hellacious ice storms here.

Post Script: Treasure your lungs, folks. This is no bleep way to live.