Sunday, August 30, 2015

Do games die?

I play "Free Cell" a lot, it's my favorite. I play when I am on the phone (hands free), when I'm bored, and when I'm plotting - anything. I'm not great at it, so it is challenging enough to keep trying but not discouraging enough to send it to the hinterlands. I have played it on this computer tens of thousands of games since I got it. Today, however it decided to throw me a curve.
 Out of the blue, it began stacking a row wrong. I couldn't get it moved where it belonged. I finished the game and hoping it was just a fluke, began another.
 Things that make you say, "Hmm ..."
I played that game and quit. Played something else.
Then I tried it again. It's fine - or is it? Is my game dying or is it my computer? 
Good Sunday All!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

At Least I am Predictable

Jill, family member since August 15, 2009
I didn't mean to, but, yeah, I did forget about her anniversary post. Jill has that look - it I took off her collar and stuck her in a cage, I could make a plea for poor, badly treated, dogs. She fears the camera, loud noises, rain, seeing the radar on TV, well, just about everything. It's just her nature. I can get better shots outside when she hasn't a clue that I will be taking pictures.

Jill thinks she is a lap dog, a 36# lap dog. She's a good guard dog and tells me everything that is going on within her sight. Leaves blowing, dogs running, neighbor working, grass growing ... She is horribly spoiled, but we love her and I guess we made her that way - the beaten look? - I have no idea where that came from. It is hard to believe she's six already!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Dear Readers,

I know it has been a while. There's not much to tell.

I apologize to those in parched places, but we had a gully washer here this afternoon. If I could have sent it your way, believe me, I would have. The thunderstorm that came first was - hmm - shocking almost? I think I must be losing it, but as lightning hit nearby, I swear that I saw a bright red ball of light shoot through the window and headed for Jill. LOUD thunder with that one. I heard it as I saw it pass through the room. It was like one of those laser lights, you know? Shock collars were taken off immediately. The storm had to be right overhead. A few minutes later, Kablam, my computer screamed, it was bright white outside in the flash. DH said it looked like it hit between the oaks. We will examine tomorrow. Scared all of us, not just the dogs.

Picture is of my number 3 son - J. He was here last weekend, cannot remember why. I took a picture of him and his mustache. I think it looks pretty good! (Not that I would want one, I would probably slap myself silly in my sleep, thinking it was a bug or spider on my cheek.)

My presence is getting thin on the web. FB is so full of hate and politics. Everyone has an agenda. Meh.

I am a lousy writer, and have no business even trying, but I am at it again. The story may not make sense, but then again, few will ever see. It keeps me out of trouble. I ordered some wrist things and they help with the pain. I slept through, all night, last night. First time in months.

Sparrow Hall is looking pretty rough. The rosy house finches have all but abandoned me. I still have lots of sparrows and doves. I suppose I will see more variety again as fall nears. That won't be long, I think. The redheaded woodpecker was here in Sparrow Hall the other day for a look-see. I'm not fast enough to get the shots I want. Bleep.
Take care of yourselves!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

It will come ...

The sun was setting as I took this shot. No, during the day, it doesn't look that bad, but it does make me think of the days ahead. The leaves are fading fast. They are drab and dull. It was very windy before and the yard is full of dead/dying leaves. I would venture a guess that we will have another early autumn. We had a good rain, along with the wind. The yard is full of robins too. They come in droves after a rain.

SO ... Today, I had by first full day of being 70. I don't count much of yesterday, as I was born shortly before midnight. Haha. I don't really care for the classification of "Old." It's tough enough getting there without that slap in the face. I do have some very lovely people in the ranks I have joined, though. (I agree, girlfriend, this one is pretty hard to take.)

My youngest came for a visit today, bearing an ice cream cake from the Dairy Queen AND DVDs for us. Dad received Dad type stuff and I got some funny stuff. I think he has me hooked on "Weeds" as I had never seen the series. I really enjoyed the first show! I know it's old, but it's new to me! DH and I both had a good birthday.

It is Jill's adoption day anniversary. We have had her in our family for six years now. She will get a page of her own next week - IF I remember.

Sparrow Hall has started to split down the middle, I don't believe it is going to last through fall. (Big frowny face)

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Do do do do

I received an early Birthday card from the family this morning, while I was napping. They say they are staying in a motel outside of Salt Lake City. Mom and Dad are painting the views and Tom has been scouting the area for wildlife. It was wonderful to hear from them and such a surprise!

Aren’t memories amazing? They keep alive all that we hold dear and bring us dreams as they were. I’m happy to [still] have the memories of long ago, happy for photographs, too. Thanks Susan!
Not at our best, but difficult to retake now. Family 1960 1959
 I dream of various members of my family, ever so often, it may sound crazy, but it's so good to see them!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Tragedy in TN, residents in uproar!

This news just in! Aug. 5 - 6, a storm ravaged Finchville, TN.  The damage to Sparrow Hall from the storm has yet to be fully realized as the city engineers investigate the F.I.G. foundation. Mayor Robin suspects the whole structure will have to be razed before winter.

Residents are concerned as tweets are spreading rumors about the possible relocation of the Hall and parking area.

A few comments from the area:
A. Kingbird says, "There was a lot of lightning, wind, and rain."
"It's the government's fault," M. Dove said.
Mr. & Mrs. B. W. Quail refused to comment. They came to gawk, not talk.
M. Sparrow was distraught. "Half of our garden is gone," he said.
"My dry and fluff branch area is gone, just G O N E!" Mrs. Cardinal said.

 Mr. Cardinal has nothing to say, he's tired of listening to that wet hen.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Tiny Picture - Jack's Barkday

I will admit this is a really bad picture of Jack, but it's the first picture I took of him. He is wearing an overly large harness that I had for my cat. It was just about this time of day, 9 years ago today. We planned on going into town for a late supper that night. I saw this dark patch of road move. We stopped and rescued the saddest, skinniest, pathetic little puppy. We came back to the house and he's moved in, to our hearts as well as our beds. He had been eating twigs and leaves - evidenced in his loose stools for a couple of days. There is a saying that says - "I wouldn't trade him for nothing" and it's true.