Saturday, April 27, 2013

To Be or Not To donotusethisword

I imagine that you wonder just what the heck has been keeping me so busy lately. I have been fighting with words. It would seem that I am hung up on the “to be” words. My manuscripts are full of them. I probably use twice as many as I should. I have problems with “had” as well.
I have been taking my own challenge in an effort to cut them way down. Someone told me that writing could be done with none of the “to be” words. It seems to make for a whole lot of rewriting and rewording. I am not keen on the results I am having so far. Have set my WORD program to change the “BAD” words so that I can see where they are. Here is an example of what I am talking about:
My name donotusethisword Sharon and I donotusethisword a mediocre writer. I used to love to write and then discovered I donotusethisword doing it all wrong. I donotusethisword so surprised, how could I donotusethisword so blind? It donotusethisword disgusting that I donotusethisword using so many bad words. How could I have donotusethisword so wrong? I donotusethisword a writing sinner, donotusethisword you? Some days I think donotusethisword a writer really donotusethisword too much work. It’s a challenge, if I wasn’t so in love with Julia, I donotusethisword positive I would donotusethisword tempted to delete it. I never said I donotusethisword smart. Therefore, I plug away and wish I donotusethisword at the beach. I donotusethisword only a human donotusethisword.
Can you see my problem? It even missed some. Can you find them?
Have a great rest of the weekend!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Still in the land of Oz...

I think somebody got a big surprise! (It's dead)

Last week (the view from my Womb)

Taken yesterday...

Tacky - I'm sure glad this fur isn't in the house!

I guess somebody was hungry (she shall remain nameless)
I am still at it, sigh... One of these first days, I hope!