Monday, December 30, 2013

The End of It All

I would suppose this is the end of one of my best years and one of my worst years, all wrapped up in one. This year has been an eight ticket ride.

My new WiFi hot spot (called a Jetpack) is actually not an improvement. I don't know if it's the towers, or sunspots, or just plain lousy service. "They" told me that we would be getting another tower up here in January - not holding my breath.

My DIL has the flu, so it looks like I will not be having my fun day with Sky this vacation. Bleep!

House hunting... it really isn't going very well. I did fall in love with one house when I saw the listing. It cost too much, but Stan took me over to look at it anyway, to get it out of my system. I could just see Julia and Edward putting up their Christmas tree for Anna in the front window. After I looked it over closer, I realized it would not be workable at my age and the bedroom had an outside door... I didn't like that or the layout of the kitchen. I went up the stairs. The turn on them was too tight, it would not be safe. We continue looking. One house would have been perfect IF the basement hadn't recently been pumped out and was still soaked. The hole in the roof didn't turn me on either. It had a lot of roof. I suppose I need to look at newer homes... We'll be going out again tomorrow, there are several more on my list with that extra bathroom. I would have preferred a vintage home though. Oh, well.

My teeth are making sores on my gums. I can't even eat noodles without pain. Could kill for a steak and a nice crunchy salad! (Or some of that lovely fruitcake, cookies, or my baklava!)

The weather keeps bouncing around. I am already anxious for spring. I am not a winter person. I know there are many who enjoy the snow, it is so pretty and it does cover-up the bleakness out there and that awful brown yard. (But I am content with the brown yard)

My last post of 2013, hard to believe it! I will not be staying up tomorrow night to see the New Year in. My late nights are over.

Wishing you and yours a prosperous and healthy New Year!

Monday, December 23, 2013

I'd like to chew the fat...

Well, I would like to chew anything, actually. Still can't. Those that know tell me it shouldn't be long, but the waiting is adding pounds where I don't need them. I seem to be eating something constantly, pudding, ice cream, yogurt - and most of it has chocolate sauce on it. I think my brain thinks I am not eating because I am not chewing and I'm always hungry. I have already gained 5 pounds, some could be water weight, because all of that stuff has salt. I can hope so anyway. A lovely steak and a salad would be so good about now... I can't even eat cookies. Will be going to see the dentist again on Friday for another "adjustment".

So! I imagine you are all busy prepping for your festivities. We went shopping today, the husband wants to cook some soup for tomorrow.  The big dinner Wednesday will was supposed to be... wine soaked baked ham, sweet potato casserole, twice baked potatoes w/cheese, green bean casserole and I will be having beer/cheese soup. Naturally I will TRY to eat the other stuff, haha. It has trailed through my mind about baking some homemade dinner rolls, drizzled with butter and Parmesan cheese. He bought a red velvet cake and a Dutch apple pie for dessert. We will eat leftovers for the duration, as it will just be the two of us.

Jack and Jill scored new beds for Christmas. Jill's new bed is about half the size of a twin mattress and about six inches thick. It really doesn't fit in her 'room' (the closet floor) and she is kind of put out about it, but this one will be so much better for her long legs. Jack's bed is perfect for him to curl up in and so much thicker - he sleeps in the bathroom and that tile floor is so cold. I think this one will be better for him as well. They rated doggy cookies too.

I got a brand new mifi, but it works no better than the old one before it died. Also a mouse scanner that I haven't tried to figure out yet. Our old scanner doesn't scan anymore, I thought I would give this one a try. (As soon as I can wade through the instructions) I have boxes of old photos that I would like to go through.

The boss is on vacation until the sixth of January, it's too bad that it is so cold right now. Sigh...

Well, Y'all have a Merry, Merry and a Happy, Happy! Stay warm or cool (whatever the case may be). 

12/25/13 - Post Script: You know the story about making plans... 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Straight from "Frustration Road"

I'm on - kinda sorta. Managed to get Chapter 2 up on my link. Blogger hates me, the battery wasn't the problem, think it's the gizmo itself. I am about batty here with no real internet. (I did get the laundry taken care of and watched a few movies, but not being able to get online and have it stay has me losing my hair.

This has got to be the crappiest beginning of December since I moved down here. I'm looking at warmer places... What the heck has happened in TX and CA? The whole country is cold... Hmm... Florida... Mexico?

My teeth come out Friday. He did another impression and managed to break the broken tooth even more. I feel so dang glamorous, you have no idea. I did take a picture, but nobody is going to see it. Yep, it's that bad.

I hope everyone is staying safe and not sliding into the ditches. Have patience... Things will get better - come April.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Not the whole tooth...

9 a.m. fog is just beginning to thin

Piece of tooth I lost, compared to ladybug.
Good morning folks, foggy morning out there, but getting better. I had thought to go to Verizon today and see about a battery for my wifi or if it is something wrong with the gadget itself. I've had it 2 1/2 years now, but seems no matter what you pay - everything is disposable now.

Saturday, I broke off part of one of my front teeth. It may be small, but it feels like the Grand Canyon. I think I mentioned they were falling apart and the reason they had to go. The edge is sharp and tearing at my lip. Air hurts this one too. Well, in 10 days I will really be miserable, so no sense griping too much... right now, or I will be the boy that cried wolf... I will say that I look like a scary old witch, about now.

Tuesday's chapter is up. I tried scheduling it. HAH! Why do they offer it if it isn't going to happen?

Have a great day, if you can!