Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday Silly

What mess?
Can you think up a better caption?

Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Brace yourselves...

I cooked!
Well, kind of - with the help of canned foods.
Not as pretty as the ads, but just as good!
  We had a great day yesterday.
I hope you all did too!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Sky Shot

I'm always looking for unique sky shots - they make cool book covers (Just my opinion). I saw this from my computer the other day and thought it looked like fringe.

DH will be home for Thanksgiving, so I will be busy. Happy Thanksgiving to my US friends and a pleasant Thursday to everyone else! 

Monday, November 24, 2014

How? - Wha--?

I had a visitor in the wee hours. I'm trying to figure out where he got into the house. He was really bookin' until he hit the rug where the dogs' dishes are. I checked the pipe and wire holes in the floor, no shimmer. Hmm... could he have hitch-hiked in on my boot or one of the dogs?

I seriously thought I was done with these squishy, slimy devils - at least until the weather warms up in the spring. Ish!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Dog Fights

"Mom, he's on my bed!"
 "Make him move, Jill. You're bigger than he is."
 "But, Mom, he says that he's the boss, he came first."
"Jill, that's your bed, make him move, lay down on him."
"I'm not comfortable doing this..."

"Can I get off now, he's whispering mean things to me."

Friday, November 21, 2014

Good-bye Fig

I believe after 2 nights at 15F and a freezing day - my fig will not be back in spring. That cold spell is most likely the end of it. The new limbs were thin and weak. I think I will allow the Mr. to cut it all back and get a hook for a feeder.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

That didn't work...

All solutions - empty. Maybe she has a better place. The temp got down to 15F last night. Tacky was not in anything when I got up. Back to the drawing board.

I brought her inside for a while last night, to warm her up, hoping she might just curl up somewhere and decide to stay inside. She's a pretty cat and she doesn't need to literally freeze her ears off. Max (the neighbor's Great Pyrenees) has taken to chasing her, I don't think he would come up onto the porch.

When I let Jill outside this morning, she was afraid to go down the steps. The most I can imagine is that she had forgotten about frost.

Have a great sunshiny day!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Annual Christmas Rant - Warning - Language

Our last "Traditional" Christmas. (You can see how little effort I put into decorating, my heart wasn't in it)

Usually I am zeroed in on the early and crass commercialism it all has come to, or the debt we add to our stress during the most expensive time of the year - Taxes, Heating Bills, etc. Nope, not this time, this time it's BIG and doesn't seem it will ever stop.

What the hell has happened to: "Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?" We are being screwed, at first it was inch by inch, but now the oppressors, those few that are changing our lives, are taking their pound of flesh and I am not happy. You shouldn't be happy either! I heard on the news that holidays were no longer the reason for school breaks. No more Christmas Vacation - time off, yes, but it's not for "Christmas". No more Easter vacation either. 

WHO are these people that think we won't mind these little changes? You know WHO, small people, who for money and favors, are being manipulated by a radical group that is taking our right to pursue happiness away because if "OFFENDS" them. 

Well, Dammit, I am offended, yes, ME, the one who complains about the problems that come with Christmas. WE ALL have the right to call things as WE see them. It's time we stopped this bull, NOW. What is wrong with you people?

Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Hanukkah
Merry Christmas
Have a good whatever you celebrate!

Offense be damned!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Jack's Discovery

Jack recently made a discovery. He wanted to lay in the sun, now that the rays are slanting into the bedroom. He checked out Jill's bed and decided - "Hey, I like this!" Jill, however, wanted to lay down for a nap and we all know who is the alpha dog here in the house. She went slinking off into the living room to pout on the big chair. Where there is no sunshine, BTW.

Jack at 8 years+ ------------------------------------->

I thought that pose looked familiar. Jack as 8-10 mo.-------------------->

An hour later, she came to me whining, she wanted her bed and he wouldn't get off. The sun had moved, but he has decided he likes her bed. (It's like me sleeping on a king-sized bed and not sharing.) I made him move, he gave me this look:

Monday, November 3, 2014

Understanding Friends

I have friends, much as y'all do, but how many of them are not thinking you're crazy when they get an earnest call...

"Quick, I need a woman's name - make it bitchy."

I am going over some of my stories and I discovered that two of the stories had a woman with the same name. I changed it to another name and then I realized that I had two of them too - thus the reason for the frantic call.

I thought I would make a collection of some of my old 'too short' stories. I would just as soon not repeat names... I will have to keep my eyes open for duplicating guys too. I used so many of my favorites in the Julia series, I may not be able to keep from doing it. Sigh... I like real names, not Dirk, Brick or Brock, haha.

I have been proof reading since my early morning rise. The dogs can't read the clock... so much for that 'extra' hour. What are you doing with that extra hour in the morning? It takes me a week or two until I don't notice the difference. (and retrain the dogs.)