Friday, August 24, 2018

Oops! No title, hah!

 I was watching an old show and surprisingly I saw a familiar face. I believe this is from 2002, yet she hasn't seemed to change. Do you recognize her? Any fans out there?

 I have been trying to take care of me. My left foot and leg is swollen again. Feels a tad like the skin could burst and an alien could emerge. Ugh! I bought some new shoes to accommodate my new size. I'll just get liners, if and when the swelling goes down.
 So, I have spent a lot of my time chilling. Jill has been my 'nurse' so she could keep her eyes on me - and gaze out the window as well. :)

Have a good weekend folks! 

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Happy Birthday!

DH picked up a pizza on his way home from work and made a stop for a cake. Son, J., was going to come by after his work.
 Small party, but sufficient. I ate too much, as usual. Mmmm!

Hard to believe my girl, Jill, is nine years old! Her 'gottcha' anniversary is tomorrow. Time goes so fast!
Pizza, for me?

Friday, August 10, 2018

Time for bed ...

I just did my grocery shopping for next week! Yes, me! Actually, I made myself figure out how to shop at home on the comp at Wally World. DH has been bugging me to try it out. Poor guy he's tired of buying groceries and then listening to me complain about how everything he gets is too spicy or salty for me.

Well, the whole game used to take him a couple of hours. Tonight, I started at 12:30 and finished a bit after 4:30, that was after I made out the grocery list. I got a bit carried away, but I made sure I ordered some stuff that I like; pistachio pudding, long spaghetti, grape juice, canned tamales, Jiffy mix for muffins and waffles ... He got to the point where he wouldn't use a list(or take one.)

Grocery prices have sure gone up since I was pushing the cart. I admit I did get a little carried away, the total was over $125. I was tempted to order a cheese cake to keep in the freezer for occasional indulgence. (I have been known to make one last a week) I didn't order one though, I figured that was pushing my luck - he still has to pick up what he wants for suppers - haha.

I'm making so many mistakes, I better go to bed. I hope I don't dream about the lemon pie I want to make. (Mix)

Have a great day and a wonderful weekend! 

P.S. MMMimi - I can't figure out how I used to comment on your blog. Help! What do I do?

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Hot August

Well, it's been over a year now and Jill has finally become an "only" dog, rather than a "lonely" dog. It took long enough, for a while I thought she would continue to act like her second half was missing. I've caught her playing 'Monster in the bed' by herself, growling and rolling around in the bedding the way she did with Jack. She pretty much stays by me, but it's more of a "Hi Mom, give me a scritch," rather than, "I'm lonely." She has decided that the closet is her preferred spot during rainy days. I still haven't sorted all the closet. One of these first days ... Sigh. The vet put Jill on diet dog food. I didn't see it happen, but she is slimmer. Of course, she's more active now, too.
So, Jill is slimming down and I seem to be going in the opposite direction. I bought a new dress and it looks more like a tent than a dress. Ugh! It looked pretty on the website - then I get it home and it reeked from the dye, so I gave it a wash and the red fabric shrunk, but the yoke and band on the skirt didn't. I can't seem to win ...
No luck with the tomatoes this year, too wet, too hot. They pretty much burst. We had 4 that were worth anything. Maybe next year ... Even the flowers didn't do as well as expected.

 Sorry, I'm not more chatty.