Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Good Bye for now

I'm sorry, I just can't keep up. Words cannot express how sorry I am, thinking of what to say has become such a problem for me.

I've enjoyed blogging with you all and wish you all the very best.

Hugs, Sharon

Thursday, April 5, 2018

I See Dead People

Spending a lot of my time watching old TV shows. Finished all of Columbo. I believe he's one of my favorites. He was a good looking fellow when he was younger. I watched an episode of Decoy from 1958 that had Peter Falk in it. He really had a long run, didn't he? Whew, over 40 years.

Kind of off subject, yet not - No One can convince me that the big 'Silver Screen' or television doesn't influence people. Nearly every vice has been glamorized at one time or another. Drinking, smoking, doing drugs, whoring, etc. I believe the violence we see today is the offspring of all the screens in our lives. Just my personal opinion, don't chew my head off. Some people would be bad, no matter what, but  ...

I'm confused.
Post nasal drip.
Post means after, right?
Nasal means nose, right?
After the nose.
The words tell me,
I have a runny nose,
Not crap in my throat. 
Anti Nasal Drip
Pre-nasal Drip
Would be my choice ...

Stupid things I think about when I should be going to sleep at night. I am getting to be an old lady. Oh well.