Thursday, July 26, 2018

Old Friends

I was thinking of an old blogging friend this morning, before blogging we had been pen pals. I never met the dear lady in person, but I felt I knew her and her family. Then she fell off the face of the planet. She often had connection problems, so I didn't think anything of it, at first.

I tried calling her apartment, no answer - more puzzling as a weeks passed and the phone said it was no longer in service. I stupidly assumed that she had gone to spend the holidays with one of her sons or had moved and was very busy. As time went by with no word, I tried calling her sister's number and one of her sons.

Time marches on. I would think about her and try checking the obits. I couldn't find anything so I figured she was out there, somewhere, happily doing her crafts. Today, I was thinking about her and looked again at the obits. Sadly, she had passed away the day after her last post. Now, I know, now it hurts. It hurts more than thinking she was too busy for me. I feel guilty for even considering that.