Monday, February 29, 2016

Instant Gratification

In my lifetime, this is the first year that I didn't yearn for spring and gripe about how long winter was. (That I can remember)

We have all become spoiled. I am not fond of winter and I definitely do not like the heat and humidity of summer. Logic tells us that when spring comes, can summer with it's undesirable aspects be far behind? I am not in any hurry. 

We all want, what we want and we want it yesterday. 

I ordered some new solar lights for the yard today. I had my choice of how fast I wanted my order shipped to me and how much I was willing to pay to have it come sooner. That company is taking advantage of our "Instant Gratification" society. Smart marketing!
DH didn't work last night. When he was trying to sleep yesterday, he was coughing and coughing. I could hear him tossing and turning. He went to the doctor. Many of the people (mostly men) are sick and the job is falling behind. Seems their clock in and out is only cleaned once a day. He told me that he mentioned this fact to one of the bosses and so far the concept of contamination has gone over their heads. Security is really tight there, I don't think a box of anti-microbial wipes would be allowed in. Nothing allowed in or out. Geesh!
 We're having another beautiful day here. I'll take it! I hope you have one too!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

All's Quiet

The week ahead looks fairly promising.
(I will take this with a grain of salt.)

DH is still working the night shift, I have my own version of "The Walking Dead" going on here. I am so tired of being quiet and keeping the dogs quiet all day so he can sleep. About 3 more weeks of this left. Ugh! Sleep is getting messed up for everyone.

The foliage for my "Naked Ladies" has come up about 6" so far! My first sign of spring has arrived! Yeah! It won't be long and we'll have blossoms coming up all over.

It hasn't been an eventful week - Thank Goodness! Have a good weekend!


Thursday, February 25, 2016

For John - Going Gently Story

I saw John's post and it made me chuckle. Thought there could be something for me to play with. Here it is - 15 minutes of playing around waiting for my son to show up.
John's Blog

Ms Grumble let out a heavy sigh; at last, the little monsters were going home for the day. She had about had it with their high-pitched voices and their runny noses that they wiped away on their shirtsleeves. Nasty creatures, the lot of them, yelling and screaming the second they passed through the outer doors. Glancing out the window, she noticed that slightly shabby man with a dog again.

The man had become a familiar figure to her, hanging around just when school let out. He always had a dog with him, but it never seemed to be the same dog. What was he up too? He couldn’t be one of the monster’s grandparents; she knew them all on sight. She got closer to the window and craned her neck to see where he was going. Little Liv had run to him and was petting the beast who immediately rolled to her back. Ms Grumble pulled back in horror to see the monsters touching the dog and it appeared they were having a conversation with the man about the dog’s teats, laughing!
Ms Grumble considered calling the principle at first, but then decided she would have to stop this horrific scene, herself. Why, the pervert had no business talking to the brats about something that was obviously sexual! In her haste, she ran into the doorway, almost knocking herself out. Stunned, she groped her way up and fell against the doorway again, as the heel of her shoe had broken off as she sprained her ankle. In a panic, she crawled back to the window to see Liv’s sister, Eve, joining them.
Oh, my! He’s after both of those girls!
“Help me! That pervert has got two of the girls in his clutches!” she cried.
Another teacher came rushing into the room. “What is the matter?”
“That pervert is taking Liv and Eve. Run quick and get help before they are out of sight! Look, there they go.”
The other teacher looked out the window, seeing nothing unusual. “You mean Jason’s babysitter? That’s John ‘the dog,’ obviously picking up the children for a couple of hours. Really, Harriet, you must get a grip on yourself. I think you are letting the kids get to you.”

Monday, February 22, 2016

For the birds

Since the Cardinal ladies have shown up, I have noticed the mocking birds are getting lovey. The bluebirds are doing some 'sparking,' also. I should have realized the cowbirds would not be far behind. I'm not sure whose nests the cowbirds will use, but spring is in the air and all this lovey-dovey stuff makes one wonder how the cowbirds decide who is going to raise their children.
Cowbird Conference ...

Friday, February 19, 2016

One more time

Not much to say today. I finally got one of my plastic money problems squared away and just one more to go next week.

You see, I have had my debit card through my bank for almost ten years and the bank in all its wisdom sent me the newest one - with my 'J.' one it. The places I use that card has me without the 'J.' and they refused it. It's not in their data, so I must be trying to hack the card.

Talking to the people at the bank was like talking to the toilet for their understanding. My big drug company said "Declined." I was quite put out. The ones I talked to said it shouldn't make a difference, tell that to the big drug company ... After DH got on the phone with them again, they finally sent me a new card and number. I am in business again. 

Why, after so long, somebody decided to screw with my name is beyond me. Now, on Monday, I get to talk to the other bank - to have them send me a new pin for their new card. I never used the pin because it was only used online and I, um, forgot it. After trying what I thought the number was, well ... the ATM locked it out.

Yep, gotta love plastic ...

Have a good weekend!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Rain, reign, rein go away!

Good morning, People! Monday, garbage day, rain, and a little rant.

I'll do the rant first if you don't mind. You all know that I read a bit too much of the 'new' author's works. Everybody makes mistakes, I make mistakes [in my haste or ignorance], BUT have come across this spelling error so many times that it is grating. 
1.) The rains have turned my yard into mud.
1a.) It looks like rain again.
2.) Queen Elizabeth reigns over her kingdom.
2a.) He thinks he can reign over the lot of us.
3.) He grabbed the reins and did his job.
3a.) Rein in that horse, boy!
Sometimes English can be no fun at all ... I have been reading 2 & 3 mixed up for the longest time, until I was beginning to think I had it wrong in my head! I read a lot of westerns ...
Well, so much for that. I feel better now.

As of Saturday, snow and cold was predicted for last night. We even had an advance advisory. It didn't happen. It is raining and gloomy, but not going to result in sleet, ice or snow. Relief! 

The dogs are being quiet today. They have hunkered down because it may, in their estimation, storm and get scary. It's a good day to sleep. I am tempted, myself!

DH brought me big breakfast yesterday morning. He stopped on his way home from work. Normally, he comes home and crashes into his bed. It wasn't until he was asleep that I realized that it was Valentine's Day and breakfast was his gift. I really felt, "Der," and didn't dare wake him to thank him. My bad. 

The HDMI cables came Saturday and we hooked up the TV before he went to work yesterday afternoon. All I can say is, "Wow!" Son has brought me travel videos, movies, and space stuff for my comp and I just love the bigger picture! I'm very surprised by the quality of the picture!

Have a great week!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Feels like Monday or Saturday, not Friday!

It's hard wrapping my head around what day it is. DH is working the night shift and has a day off in the middle of the week instead of the weekend. He had yesterday (night) off, which is really not like having a day off. This night shift thing has us messed up, the dogs included. It's as hard keeping Jack and Jill quiet as it would be to keep a couple of two-year-olds quiet. They see a dog (cat, man, leaf blowing) and the mayhem begins.

Son came down to visit on the 'day off' and the two guys went grocery shopping, did laundry, and finally played some wii golf after supper. Not much of a day off, if you ask me. They did play 'monster in the blanket' with J & J on the bed (mine, of course) until Jill fell off. Son caught her, but it traumatized her, nonetheless. Now she's avoiding my room, which has her stationed on the big chair by the windows and seeing every little thing ...

When it snowed the other day, it snowed all day long. It was mostly just pretty coming down and blowing about. I took pictures of Tacky. She thought she wanted to come in, but was having a hard time making up her mind for sure. She was full of snow. I took some pictures - I have so few opportunities for photo shots anymore, so here goes.

 Have a great day, weekend, whatever!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Snow ... again

 I just took these pictures and it's still trying to snow. It's nothing big time, just kind of pretty and peaceful. Except for the breeze that kicks up and blows the white stuff from the roof. It is down right cold out there!
 I was looking through my old files last night. We haven't had anywhere near the snow or cold that we had some of the years since we moved into this house over 10 years ago. So griping is not in line.
 The grackles have flown in for breakfast. They cleaned out the feeder and left. This time of year, I would guess everybody is hungry. I don't think I would want to be a bird in February.
A little reminder for those in my area:
It's time to prune those bushes and trees that need it. The sap is down and it looks like it will stay down for the next while. We are expecting more snow and cold temperatures for the next 10 days, at the very least. Stay warm folks! 

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Romping on the bed

Wet nose, wet lips, ready to lick!
Posing with my boy ... Is it going to flash?

An ambulance went screaming down the road and it's a "Must howl moment."

Really getting into the howl.
Son came for a visit and, of course, the dogs were happy. (Me too!) He has a great internet connection and brings me games, movies, and interesting things that I cannot afford to download on my internet. I have this Ginormous [did you know this is a word on the spell check?] hard drive and it is barely being used to store anything except my photos and writing. 

Last week had me losing my mind. Problems with my drug company and my new, never used debit card, completed my frustration. I am just too old to mess with all the craziness brought on by my inability to cope with the changing times. It's all moving too fast for me. Son now informs me that some new thing out there is coming in a couple of months. The information flew over my head. 3D movies/games on a smart type phone? I will pass - for sure! Think I will keep my flip phone ...

Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Panic Attack

Being a card carrying Techno-phobe, I almost completely really lost it when I read that Win10 was slated to be an automatic update to my Win7. A few years ago, when I had to buy a new computer, Win8 had come on the scene and that was what was on the new computers. I managed to find this califraging Dell with Win7 installed. I already had the programs that would work on it, because when I upgraded the time before, I had to buy new. At the time, I didn't want to have to invest my money and my time, learning a new system and programs. I don't want to have to do that again and the older I get, the more confusing and frustrating it is for me to learn all the new crap garbage sh*t Bleep again!

Yahoo! has changed their page, probably in preparation for Win10, but that is just my assertion. I went to play my games and had to hunt for them. Of course, Blogger and Google have done their bit to mess with my mind.

Son said to fix the comp to 'no updates', but I have a feeling that this too, could eventually turn around and bite me in the bleep. This is the final straw, when my comp no longer works ... I will give it all up and clear out my computer corner for a nice soft recliner and a stack of books. Put a fork in me, I will be done.

Have a good day!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Green Eyes

Green Eyes
As you know, I read - a lot! I'm partial to historical romance, where men were men and women were special. I have noticed that many characters, be they hero or heroine, are blessed with [add desirable description here] green eyes. I understand that that genre is the fantasy of what most women desire, but I wonder how many women really desire green eyes or if the writers are picking an uncommon color because they have this fantasy themselves or they are making them memorable? I remember them, oh yeah. I have known three people that were memorable because they had green eyes. One set of eyes belonged to my son who was transitioning from foggy blue to brown as a baby. For a period of time, his eyes were a yucky army green. The other was a boy [a very nasty one - but that's another story] in my freshman class in high school. His eyes didn't sparkle, gleam, or shimmer. The third belonged to a guy I met in a bar - I will never forget his eyes, they looked like a frog in a Bloody Mary. Definitely not charming. If I met any other green-eyed people, obviously, I was not impressed enough to remember.

How many green-eyed people have you known? Were they memorable? Sexy? Did they make you swoon and want to drop your pants or chase after them? Could be that my own personal fantasy lover is not green-eyed and that's why I'm not drawn to them. I don't know. How about you?

Monday, February 1, 2016

Changing things around ...

No, I haven't taken the sticker off yet. I'm in no hurry - it's attached to the protective plastic on the case. Let those beetles make their mess on that and then I'll rip it off ...

Son was here Saturday and helped his dad move the TV to the wall opposite the headboard of my bed. I was getting a crick in my neck with it on the right of the bed. This works fine, although not pleasing to the eye right now. The antenna works for the WB CW and I get three (yes, 3) APT (Alabama Public Television) stations quite clearly. (Nothing else) The TV has a DVD player and I can hook my computer up to it as well. We'll figure out a good hanging place for the antenna and square up those cords later. I like it. I have a lot of home movies on DVD and regular movies.

Jack thinks this is his bed ...

 Have a good week!