Monday, July 27, 2015

eh ... My Weekend

Some may call them weeds
 Saturday, DH went to feed the birds and squirrels. Helpless (inside) I watched him pulling weeds from the flower basket we feed the squirrels and big birds in. I am screaming as loud as I can. "NO, NO, NO!" He finally heard me and stopped.
Sunday lunch (hint, it isn't what it looks like) He means well.

Have a great Monday! (or whatever ...)

Friday, July 24, 2015

Frigidaire Friday

You know, Wednesday's post was not meant to deceive. I wrote it, posted it and moved on. Later that day I saw it on my facebook and read the name. I don't usually think about the Now You See Me part, I was just saying the Juvenal Robin was Drinking in the morning. Thus the post on fb:
Now You See Me: Drinking in the morning ...
Take my word for it  - I don't, I can't, sometimes wish I could.

Moving on, whilst I slept, on Tuesday morning, DH decided that burned cake with a runny center was not to his liking. So he whipped out his mighty sword debit card and bought a new stove. The refrigerator motor was going bad (has been for quite some time) and emitting a loud screeching at any hour. He picked out one of those too.

Today, the kitchen toys arrived. I'm still trying to figure out why 2 people need a fridge that makes one claustrophobic, and hogs the kitchen. He tells me I won't be able to put anything on top of this one, hah, I couldn't on the one before. He finally is getting it to make ice, and now that it does, Jill is afraid to go in there. When it dumps ice [every half hour or so] it scares the crap out of her.

Why white you ask? Well, I know it's clean when I clean white. SS takes forever to get completely streak free [IMHO] and there is no way a black or colored appliance is coming into my kitchen to be outdated in two years. White enamel is classic. I wish the microwave was white.

Glass or whatever cook top.
Have a great weekend Y'all!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Drinking in the morning ...

As you may or may not know, or remember - this is one of my bad weeks in the year. My sister would have been 80 on Monday - I don't think she would have liked that. My brother would have been 72 today and I think he would have felt the same way. I miss them both. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Red butts in on feeder

Red enters feeder

DH bangs on window

Red is outta here

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Summer Heat

This is a cowbird, making good use of the fountain. His little friend wasn't game to join him though. He made three trips to the water, dipping and splashing each time. The red you see is a berry stain from last year, I couldn't get it out, so it isn't leaching into the water. It just looks god-awful.
Let me tell you, it's hot here in the devil's armpit!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Letter From Home

This is a different letter from home, bear with me, Folks!

First of all, DH bought one of those portable spa units last month. He finally made a platform for it, so that it's level on our cement slab behind the house. Living where I do, I am naturally concerned that the space beneath the platform is like a 4 star motel for the snakes in the area. He set up the tub and filled it on Sunday. Yesterday, was Wednesday, right? He still hadn't tried it out. Now - because of blood pressure problems etc. I am NOT supposed to get into a nice steaming hot bathtub. BUT, the temperature hadn't reached decently warm yet, so I decided to test it out. Water temp was 91F, air temp 85F with a "feels like" of 93F. The water felt like a normal swimming pool, not warm, not cold. I climbed in - wearing panties and a tank top - remember - I live in the boonies. No, there will never be any pictures, not even from the back! Forget that right now.

DH turned on the bubbles. Viola! I did not expect that much action out of a $350 deal. I had some problems. I couldn't stay sitting! I believe I must be 80% fat, because fat floats on water. The bubbles were trying to send me all over and trying to turn me over - doing a 2-way rotation. I finally managed to anchor myself enough nor to end up with water in my o2 tube or down in my lungs. It wasn't bad! THEN I told DH to climb in with me. Higher water, more buoyancy. It was actually pretty bleep funny to any bird in a tree. You have got to know, this was a whole new experience for me. I thought it would be like a whirlpool bathtub. Nope, more jets, maybe not as strong - I don't remember exactly, but I never had bubbles like that or felt like a leaf in rushing water. Remember I wore a tank top? I have a bad shoulder and DH had to peel it off me later. I need to rethink my 'tub-wear'.

Now, on a more somber note. My doctor had told me several (?) years ago that my short-term memory loss was from lack of o2 to my brain. I believe I have something more serious, as it continues getting worse. I'm still me, but some of the things I forget make no sense and it happens every day. It is very frustrating. I read about all the problems that caregivers have with their dementia or Alzheimer’s patients, not much out there about the patients themselves. I feel I am living it, every day. The notes on my monitor are numerous, I forget my pills, I forget where I leave them. I remember  ... up to a point, and then I'm blank. I have eaten supper twice thinking I hadn't the first time and then I wonder did I take my pills twice? I sometimes forget to eat--all day. Then I don't take my pills or drink anything. It's messing with whatever - oh bleep, I forgot what I was going to say. Bleep! I don't drive anymore, mainly because the arthritis in my hands gives me no good grip on the steering wheel. I have gotten myself lost, nothing looks familiar, and I drive and drive until I see something that I know. I worry, that someday down the road, I will end up taking the car out and be waving at my neighbors in an oncoming car - forcing them off the road. Not impossible, my neighbor had Alzheimer’s and he did that exact thing to me. They did hide the car keys then. I don't like this, not at all. The doctors are aware, yet they still ask ME what pills I need refilled, they have my charts, I honestly thought they kept track of what they were prescribing. Needless to say, I'm missing a couple. The last time I went, I told her I needed a new Rx for one of my breathing meds. SHE didn't do it. Doctors - what are they going to do for me? Maybe give me pills that I won't remember to take or take them twice thinking I hadn't the first time. 

I know - don't tell me, I have half a dozen of those day of the week pill cases, but I can't be expected to carry them on my person 24 hours a day or to remember to fill them after I have used the last day's pills. (A year ago - maybe. Now - no.)

Pa-leeze, do NOT tell me how sorry you are, or to get better, or pray, or tell me to go to another doctor (been there, done that, doesn't mean squat). Pity - I don't need. I am just writing this as a thought. Who knows, you may be next.

Have a great day, people!