Thursday, October 31, 2013

It's NaNo Time!

Head Stand?
 I am getting ready to head back down into the rabbit hole to see what my brain can come up with for NaNo this year. For the moment, all thoughts of moving and looking at houses is on hold for this great event. Yep, I am going to find out if I can still write or if Julia was just a fun fluke. I don't have any word prompts this year for the Who? What? Where? When? game. So if you have any to challenge me with... leave them in the comments. I start writing in the morning. I'm worried about being a year older and none the wiser. Hmm...
Jill was actually sleeping like this. The camera woke her up.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Paranoid or What?

Being alone most of the time makes me a tad edgy sometimes. I don't get my mail everyday, maybe two or three times a week. I went for the mail on Tuesday. This wasn't there then. Because of the soggy weather for a couple days, I didn't go down there until I mailed some bills this morning. This bothers me, has the house been marked for some reason? If it were kids out to have fun, they would have gotten them all. Right?

The stuff does not wash off. I am not a happy camper...

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Real Challenge

I probably have bitten off more than I can chew, but I have once again signed up for the Nanowrimo November challenge. It's not as if I have the time on my hands... I haven't written much of anything since the "Julia" series and The Kindness Of Strangers. I feel it is time to get back to my writing even if I have too much going on. If anyone is interested in taking the challenge, feel free to leave a comment with your email address if I don't have it. I will delete your comment after I foreword the link.

Not a typist? I'm not and I managed. I watch my keyboard as I type and I made it. Of course, it will take up some of your time, but if you have ever said, "I could write a book," now is the time to get motivated, even if it's just your life history and memories for your grandchildren. You will get a wonderful sense of accomplishment!

I seem to have "lost" my badge for last year, or I would show it to you. I will try to find it, if I can.

Have a most wonderful day!

Saturday, October 5, 2013


Sorry Cathy, I know I need to update, but so much is going on and yet nothing is "happening".

Shopping - I hate it with a passion. Nobody has what I want, and anything close - is too expensive for my 1970 mindset. I still haven't found a basket for the dirty clothes, DH and I had a misunderstanding about the size of the cabinet, so the one I thought would fit - won't. Have you priced a standing toilet paper holder? WOW, and I have yet to find one in white! A black one would stick out like a sore thumb, shiny metal, um, no, I do not want that. We want a standing towel rack or a towel warmer and cannot agree on just what kind, so the damp towel is slung over the shower curtain rod. I will say that the men that did the job on the bathroom did a great job and the tile people were wonderful, I would recommend them to everyone, it turned out beautifully!

Sorting and packing is going extremely slow. With him out of town, I don't know what he wants to keep or throw. I don't know what I want to keep or throw either. Not knowing how much room I will have, makes it harder. When we moved here, it was such a jumbled mess. I can't handle that mess again. If only we had a place to move into, we could just take our "extra stuff" there in order to stage this one. I mean, well... nobody has two china cabinets AND a buffet in one room. I did tell you that my husband is a certified "shopper", didn't I?

The poor dogs have no idea what is going on. We had so many people here while the work was going on and now there is just us again. They do love "company" and the attention they get. Not everyone is crazy about dogs and I have found that Jill senses it. She has been growling at new people now, that is good and bad at the same time. She comes into their space slowly, sniffing and checking them out.

I found the perfect house - but it was sold already. I am really not all that picky, but I really never, ever, want just one bathroom again!

Do you remember that we had to get new telephones, not long ago? I was talking to my cousin, Janet, last week and we heard this snap, crackle, and pop - then she couldn't hear me anymore. I couldn't get her back. It would call her number and it would go back to the dial tone. I went shopping for a single cheap one, because the corded phone worked. No receipt, no idea where DH bought them...

The scuppernongs are ready, big, beautiful and bountiful! I am trying to get somebody to pick them before they rot on the vine again this year! The one new vine that we planted three years ago, would probably make five gallon of wine, there are so many on it!

I finally found someone to mow the yard! I guess we were godsends to each other. I needed the lawn mowed and he needed the cash! The place looks better now!

All for now, have a wonderful weekend. I hope it's beautiful for you!