Friday, October 24, 2014

The sunset I almost missed completely

I was so busy watching the eclipse in progress on the internet (it was too cloudy here). I happened to look up and there was the most beautiful sunset going on and I nearly missed the whole thing because I had my head in the computer. Doh!

I hurried even as it was fading, to try to get outside to capture some of the beauty. When I am out of breath, my pictures don't turn out at all well. This one is almost decent, but not a quarter of how beautiful it was when I noticed.

It just goes to show a person what can happen when one has their nose facing the monitor, instead of what is surrounding us. I watched the eclipse for a couple of hours and used about a week's worth of my GB "allowance", snapping print screen and then not being able to find them on the comp. Bleep!

Fading fast...


  1. so very true. we need to remember to look up and around now and again! beautiful, sharon!

  2. BEAUTIFUL! Nice job and thanks for sharing it!

  3. happy you got the shot :)

  4. It is a challenge, when you are interested in something online, to not miss things out and about. I am just amazed at some people that NEVER seem to notice the world around them... Nose stuck firmly to phone thing. I won't say I haven't blundered by something good because I am generally oblivious, but usually I am not attached to some electronics. (Please don't ask my husband about my MP3 player, tho, there could be a debate, there... eep...) ;)



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