Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Letter From Home

Hello, my family and friends, I thought today was a good day to send a letter from home. I really have nothing to say of import, just ramblings.

A thought came to me while commenting on The Run*Around* Ranch report about her Whistlers and describing her juveniles to a blind person. If they had seen a duck, any duck, before they could not see - would they have believed the changes they go through?

Well, it was just a thought, anyway. How many of us look at things and yet could not describe what we see, because we are not really paying attention? I've heard that witnesses to a crime have difficulty identifying the bad person - you get my drift. 

More important things are being missed every day. The look of wonder in a child's eyes when he sees something new. The way a grandfather holds the latest family heir for the first time. The sadness of a soldier far from home on the holidays. We glance, we see, but we don't really see.

Could you describe what you see to someone who cannot? This morning, I watched two buzzards, flying together in perfect sinc, they both stopped flapping their wings at the same time, gliding in unison toward the large oak across the way and settling in the tree. Just a couple of ugly birds, you say? I saw the beauty of nature.


  1. i liked this post. so very true. we need to really stop, now and then, and observe.

  2. A very enlightening post, Ms.Qualls.

  3. Reminds me of John and I. We rush to watch the news to see what the weather is going to be. Later one of us is asking the other how cold or hot or is it going to rain. Not that forgetful yet, just not paying attention.


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