Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Lawn Ornament ...

Whilst combing the lists for a 3/4 bed, I found this little gem for sale. I have no business wanting this, but I thought it would make a cute lawn ornament. Formerly part of one of the now defunct Opryland park rides. (I, however, do not remember it) It is 2/3 scale and currently will not start. It goes without saying here, that the idea didn't fly with DH.
 I really wanted to use it as a lawn ornament, you know, with flowers cascading over the backs of the seats, overflowing flower pots on the running boards or some such arrangement. You have to allow that it would look charming in the front yard. Oh, well ...

I found out that 3/4 beds can be any size - as long as they are between a twin bed and a full size bed. Of course, we all know that a twin size bed can be odd sized too - I have seen them 33", 36", 39" in width and if I am not mistaken, cots are from 26" to 30". So much for standard sizes, meh. 

I began my search for a bed in earnest and DH has decided to try to go back to work ... There probably will be no bed hauling. Maybe the cost of the little Tin Lizzy scared him. LOL! (I admit, I can be a squeaky wheel about things)


  1. I agree you do need this cute little lawn ornament.

  2. it is cute, but would require lots of work to adorn her. :)

    1. I would feel better if I could convince myself of that, lol!

  3. . Great piece of lawn art! My grandkids would love this

  4. Geez, I can see why you want it, that's a cutie!


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