Thursday, August 18, 2016

Jill late not forgotten

It's a good thing Jill is a dog, or she might have felt slighted. Her gottchversary was on Monday. There is no explaining it to her. She's 7 now, who would have thought she would live that long after all the shenanigans she pulled as a pup? Now, for the most part, she sleeps or watches out the window. She's a pretty good watch dog - when she is not dead to the world. Anyone coming to the house who doesn't know her, would think she's larger than she is by her barking and howling,  and I seriously haven't a clue how she would react to an intruder. 

 She loves her 'Daddy' and will give him a hug, but she is definitely my girl. I don't know where the time went. She is one of my weak spots.


  1. She has the most adorable face. I think it is wonderful when a animal finds a human to love and vice-versa. Makes life even better.

  2. Awe she is beautiful. Happy gottchversary Jill!!!

  3. Dogs are so much company! Love celebrating the gottchaversary.

  4. i love your girl. and your boy, too. :)

  5. She is the sweetest thing :)

  6. It feels like she's been with me too for a long time. Following her on your blog makes me feel like I know her. Happy anniversary to Jill.

    1. LOL Some of us have been here from nearly day one, haven't we? It's kind of like we and our pets are growing up together.


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