Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Hot August

Well, it's been over a year now and Jill has finally become an "only" dog, rather than a "lonely" dog. It took long enough, for a while I thought she would continue to act like her second half was missing. I've caught her playing 'Monster in the bed' by herself, growling and rolling around in the bedding the way she did with Jack. She pretty much stays by me, but it's more of a "Hi Mom, give me a scritch," rather than, "I'm lonely." She has decided that the closet is her preferred spot during rainy days. I still haven't sorted all the closet. One of these first days ... Sigh. The vet put Jill on diet dog food. I didn't see it happen, but she is slimmer. Of course, she's more active now, too.
So, Jill is slimming down and I seem to be going in the opposite direction. I bought a new dress and it looks more like a tent than a dress. Ugh! It looked pretty on the website - then I get it home and it reeked from the dye, so I gave it a wash and the red fabric shrunk, but the yoke and band on the skirt didn't. I can't seem to win ...
No luck with the tomatoes this year, too wet, too hot. They pretty much burst. We had 4 that were worth anything. Maybe next year ... Even the flowers didn't do as well as expected.

 Sorry, I'm not more chatty.


  1. Buying stuff on line is dicey isn't it? I like to shop in person and touch the item, look it over, hold it up.......it's getting harder to get out and do that though so I guess it will eventually be on line shopping for me too.

  2. Thanks for the comment on little Bo, I thought you had stopped blogging so nice to see you back.

  3. Awe glad Jill has adjusted. They say time heals. I'm not sure if it does, but I think lonely and heartbroken get a little easier with time. They don't make clothes like they used to!! It seems they all shrink or fall apart upon washing anymore. I love the dress... too bad it had to shrink. I like the loose look that is in style now. (of course I do! comfort is priority these days) still, your flowers are pretty... I know - it's been hot. And when it's not hot-hot-hot it's raining here. Soon fall will arrive and we can look forward to cooler temps. Glad to see you blogging again... hugs!

  4. So happy that Jill is getting along. It's funny that our pets are so much like us. It takes time but the pain never goes away. I'm glad she has you to hold on to. :) - It's very rare than anything I order online fits. It's usually as big as a sail! Now they have those online clothing shops coming from China and those clothes would only fit a cabbage patch doll! - Oh I wish we had some of your rain. It is so, so, so hot here and soon will be even hotter. I don't know how anyone is growing anything out here this year. - Your flowers are pretty. :) - No worries about being chatty. Apparently, I'm chatty enough for the both of us! So happy you're back!

  5. Glad to hear that Jill is finding a new equilibrium.
    The wardrobe is a safe spot for cats too. Everything in ours (despite being put in there clean) has a patina of cat fur.
    I hope your sweaty season eases off soon.

  6. It's nice to see a post from you, we don't need much chattiness, just to know that you are still with us is enough. Jill is looking well, and the dress looks lovely, a nice loose style for breeziness in the heat.
    I think the heat is here to stay, with global warming and all that. Most countries are experiencing more heat or more cold or more wet than they are used to. Everything is changing. perhaps build a little shadehouse for growing tomatoes?

  7. I have recently bought a skirt and summer top on line. They're okay but if I'd been in a shop the purchase would not have been made. You can't tell the quality with on-line purchases. Oh for the days when I could visit a store.

    Love that photograph of Jill.

  8. Glad you and Jill are adjusting to the changes that Jack's passing caused. Time does heal.

    That's a cute dress but it really is frustrating to buy clothes on line. Not that there is much choice, lately. Local stores are closing right and left!

    My tomatoes didn't do well this year either. Started out great, though.

  9. You were just right:)
    The flowers are beautiful.
    Rats (yikes) got to my daughter's tomatoes.
    Sorry about your dress:(
    I'm glad Jill has come out of mourning.

  10. Hard to lose a pal for pet or human. Wonder if she understands what happened to him, and know it’s inevitible for her, too, as we humans do ?

  11. Hope your day has been productive and your evening pleasant.

  12. It sad when we loose a love one. It sound Jill is finding her footing.
    The flowers are so pretty and the deer just eat everything.
    Coffee is on

  13. Glad to hear from you my friend!

    This is great that jill is returning to her normal behaviour. Missing partner is painful though!

  14. Better luck next year for tomatoes and loved your flowers that managed to survive. Weather is being crazy this year


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