Thursday, September 5, 2013


The Old Pear Tree
Transition time, it seems too soon, but the leaves are turning and falling already. It was 59 this morning as I let Jill out to do her thing, the mists are rising from the low spots and the not so faint odor of a visit from Pepe` Le Phew fills the air.

Have given up looking for a house for now. The bank says he has to be actually working to acquire a loan. We will have to wait until he gets another work order. (When we won't have time to go house hunting because he's working, sigh...) The bargains are being snapped up faster than anything.

I am still working on the sorting and packing, so that we can get this one on the market before the snow flies. I am exhausted, we have way too much stuff. We have only been in the house about eight years, how could we have acquired so much extra baggage? Of course, I have attachments to all of my old hobbies. What if I decide to paint again or make some stained glass stepping stones for the new house?

I still want to write, but it's difficult to even think with so much going on. I thought I killed the dishwasher last night, my mind is so busy that I couldn't see that I had a lid in front of the latch! I am feeling like a chicken with her head cut off and running wildly in every direction. It isn't fun. Never thought that would ever move from here, I would die first. One never knows, it could still happen.

Y'all have a great day now and enjoy the last (or first) of the transition into changing weather patterns.