Thursday, September 12, 2013

Slow Progress

You’ll have to excuse my absence, we are busy and I am trying to sort out my hobbies and get like items together. Today, when I was gathering my costume jewelry and parts for crafts, I remembered my rocks. I had to hunt them down. Somehow, things have a habit of being taken out for someone to scrounge around in and the space the item had been, closes up. A new space must be found. If you don’t have McGee’s  closet, you probably have no idea what I am talking about. Sorry, about that.

Half empty or half-full?

I did find the box of rocks in the hall closet under some boxes of space saver bags. I am always fascinated when I look at my polished rocks. I am a rock person, from diamonds to fossils and everything in between.  I noticed that the box is half-full, or is it half empty? It was full when it first arrived about seven years ago. I have since given away half of the pretty stones for various planters, bamboo vases, and jewelry projects.

Considering how many things I have given away, donated, or thrown away, one would think there wouldn’t be so much “stuff” for me to pack. It seems like my things have been procreating while I wasn’t looking. The house has not been put on the market yet. I am looking, it all takes time. DH has someone coming to work on the bathroom before we list. Well, back to filling that tote, and then on to the next.


  1. i don't envy you, at all. :) sounds like you are making progress, though.

  2. Pretty rocks! I used to buy Rissi rocks like these because she always had a thing for rocks. Anytime we'd have her out anywhere, she would have to stop and pick up a rock to take home... lol.
    Glad to see you are 'moving' right along... Next year at this time (hopefully) you will be blogging from your cute little cottage complete with white picket fence and Jack and Jill will be romping in the back yard...
    Take it easy, now... don't try to do too much...

  3. You really do like rocks! These look pretty fancy to the ones around here! Is there any agate in with these?

  4. I can't imagine trying to get this house and then also the shop/studio in order to get it ready to sell. You seem to be able to dig in and get it done!

  5. Actually, you are doing it the right way -- get the old house packed up first, then list, then find a new one. Less stress that way.

    I love rocks myself -- mainly because rocks are hard to come by around here. :)

  6. What a tedious process. I wish you luck and hope things move quickly once you get to the point of having the house on the market. It's good to get a lot of the cleaning and sorting done before you put it on the market.


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